The Everyday Club Monthly Report: January


What is the Everyday Club? It’s an evangelistic Club where you make it your goal to share your faith everyday through tracts, personal witnessing or open air preaching. You make your own personal goal and report it here every month.

The minimum goal would be to hand out one tract a day, but you can make whatever goal you want. So far, 39 people have made a daily evangelistic commitment. (Read more about the Club and see who’s in it, here.)

The Club’s purpose is to allow you an opportunity to set an evangelistic goal and monitor your progress and faithfulness to that goal. This is not a legalistic prescription or a vow; it’s simply a personal goal. Sometimes you will fall short, other times you’ll hit it. (Please read some safeguards against pride written by my friend, Tony Miano, here.)

My own personal goal is to hand out 10 tracts a day or have at least one personal witnessing encounter, and to open air preach when the opportunity arises. Because of my commitment to The Everyday Club I didn’t want to miss a single day in January—and believe me, there were some days that I just plain didn’t want to share my faith. 

If you would like to join, please do. Simply state your daily goal and report on it in the comments section every month. Now’s the time to report on how well you did for the month of January. Here’s how I did:

By God’s grace I was able to witness everyday in the month of January. I sometimes would forget and would remember late at night. I’d then go out of my way to a grocery store or fast food joint to deliver my ten tracts. I was kept accountable by writing down my progress. Here are my numbers:

  • Tracts: 1450+
  • Personal witness : 32 people
  • Open air opportunities: I preached 15 times to approx. 1100+ people. (Remember, I went to three major SoCal parades in the month of January; that’s why the numbers are so high.)

There were two professions of faith: Joe and Sheena. Please pray for them as well as Martin, “Big Face 100,” Alex, John, Ricardo, Thomas and Carol (I remembered to write down the names of some of the people to whom I shared my faith.)

(Now, please post your results below.) 


  1. “…Take up your cross daily and follow me…” and “Deny yourself and take up your cross and follow me..” With the leading of the Holy Spirit and all Glory to God Almighty, who has saved a weak minded, wicked and disobedient sinner. I humbly submit to my brothers and sisters in the Lord my goals, as an encouragement to you and to me.

    Each day, hand out 10 or more tracts and witness one to one; and to open-air preach at the local DMV as the authorities will allow (currently twice a week) and to conduct a Bible/preaching study twice a month at a local convalescent hospital and to “go” with my fellow brothers and sisters at least twice a month on local evangelistic outreaches.

    January: Tracts +/- 1,468; Personal Work- 26; Open-aired- 6 times; Hearers- 285

    To God be the Praise


    P.S. I heard that Denny’s is giving free breakfast this Tuesday starting at 6AM. Do see a witnessing opportunity?

  2. Tract drop: many
    Tract giving: more than many
    One2One: 10
    Open Air: 0 (Are you kidding? January is deepfreeze month up here!!)

    I’ll try to keep better numerical track for February and on.

    Yes, RR, God be praised for sure!

  3. January:

    Tracts = 25+

    one2ones = 3

    Telemarketers = 2

    Open Air = 0

    Not many (if any) people out in public places such as parks and the likes during the winter months in this small town of 18,000. However, this is normal for this time of season. As the temp. goes up more people will start coming out.

    I like this “Everyday Club”, I need the accountability and strength from you all.

    I feel that I could have done more and found myself using the cold weather as an excuse. (I really dislike the cold)

    My goal for February is to surpass January’s efforts.

    All Glory and Praises to God.

    Until next month,


  4. move over the Paul of the Scriptures…i, chief of sinners, do humbly add my january tally of my comitment to share my faith.

    *(big event) pasadena rose bowl parade- close to 1000
    *(big event) chinese golden dragon parade- approx 500
    *no open air
    *have been speaking to my mom more about Law/Grace.
    *witnessed to a patient before her discharge…able to convey the whole messg.
    *non-event tracting for january- not sure, maybe 20.

    my family & i were down quite a bit in january with colds, sore throats, coughs, etcetera. God-willing, hope to do better next month.

    all for the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world,

  5. Start Date: January 17

    Tracts Distributed: 1500+

    One-to-One Conversations: 26

    Open-Air Preaching: 9

    Days Missed: 0

    To God, and God alone, be all the praise, honor, and glory! And may the Lord save some of those with whom I was blessed to meet for Him, in January.

  6. January ’09

    attended 3 Parades
    numbers approx (I need to keep better count)

    Tracts distributed = 1500
    1-to-1 conversations = 20
    Open Air = 3
    Doors Knocked = 50
    Prayed Daily = 31
    Days missed = 4

    All service to the KING! All Glory to HIM. May the Lord save some. I thank the Lord for His leading, and the opportunity to serve, and freedom to share the Law & Gopsel.

  7. Knowing myself and my potential for pride when looking at cumulative numbers I am not keeping a grand total of my evangelistic efforts. Rather than keeping an ongoing tally, I am focusing on meeting my personal goal of giving out 3 or more tracts and/or verbally witnessing at least once per day. To the glory of God and by His strength I was able to meet or surpass my goal each day during January.

    Thank you Steve for founding “the everyday club”. It is giving me a great sense of accountability. Actually, because of the club I made a couple of trips to the local gas station and McDonalds in the evening on the days I had been couped up in the office and was short of my goal. I am sure that would not have happened had I not been part of the club.

  8. Goal: 10 tracts a day or one conversation. Maybe some open-air or stoplight preaching when possible. Distribute HBKS CD and encourage other Christians as opportunities arise.

    Tracts: ~3000
    One2One: ~16
    HBKS CDs: ~7
    Open air: 0
    Days missed this January: 9

    May God continue to do amazing things at El Camino.

    Statistics for Jan. 2008: Distributed less than 15 tracts for the whole month and no conversations. To God be the glory.

  9. Rich,

    I like your thinking. I’ve been wrestling with that very thing.

    For February, I will simply share whether or not I met my goals for the month.

    Thanks, Rich. 🙂

  10. I’d like to add this about Peter Johnson: He’s only 16 years old! Notice the drastic difference Hell’s Best Kept Secret makes. Last January 2008, he handed out 15 tracts and no conversations. After taking our evangelism class, Sharing Your Faith Without Fear,” he suddenly got a passion for the lost… and he graduated at the top of the class, too! see the story here:

    Oh, did I tell you that his Dad, Bob, is one of our evangelism leaders and is an Awana leader, too? Raise up a child in the way he should go….

  11. Wow…I feel so inferior. I wasn’t keeping track of numbers at all. I was just trying to get out at least a tract a day. Several days I gave out several and other days….sorry to say…not one.

    Am I still in?

  12. Jackie: Of course you’re still in. You are just setting a goal. Sometimes we will fall short of that goal, but it’s great you made one. Keep it up!

  13. Hey Jackie,

    I encourage you to remember, as Tony earlier stated: THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION! It’s just a great way to keep ourselves mindful and accountable to the call of the Great Commission. And, it looks like a way to have fun doing so, too.

    So don’t worry about those days that are not as fruitful as others. We all get them now and again. So long as you’re DOING SOMETHING, the way I see it, that’s just great!

    If you’re out, I’m out! 🙂

  14. to jackie,

    i personally don’t want to do anything to make u feel inferior. i, and i’m sure many others, are hear to encourage. but i am now convicted only to share what KIND of witnessing experiences minus the tallies.

    forgive me sister if i or anyone else made u feel this way. what i learned through viewing this today are the different ideas, such as door2door, for my ministry to the Lord.

    your in, not out. your the head and not the tail.

    numbers don’t matter…obedience does!

  15. My goal was 10 tracts per day or 1 one to one presentation of the gospel per day.

    I did not meet my goal, though because of the club, I handed out more tracts than I normally had before the club and I pursued more one to one convos than before the club…which is a great thing! All glory to God and may I (and all of you) strive to spread more of the gospel this month for HIS glory!!!

  16. I was able to hand out many tracts. I got to open air twice at a ballgame and was scared to death and excited at the same time because it was the first time I had since August! I also had several conversations with people, phone solicitors, etc. and that is always exciting.

    I was really excited that my 12 yr old son gave out a whole pack of milliond dollar bills by himself at a train show and got the friend who took him to hand out a tract!

    January was a little tough because of the ice storm and over a million people in our state didn’t have power, so that slowed things down a bit.

    Overall, I think I did better than I did in December.

  17. Jan

    handing out tracts: 5-10 def by the grace and strength of God I was ble to do more this month
    leaving tracts : 30+ i think could be more or less
    open air: 0 ( I haven’t reached that point yet though I hope to)
    one 2 one: 1 ( Sometimes it’s hard for me and it’s easier if i’m with other supporting christians)

    I find by staying in Gods word and praying that His will be done and not mine has helped me as well as other faithful brothers and sisters showing me on sites like this that reaching the loss is possible. May God continue to help me become stronger and i’m so encouraged to read here about what my brothers and sisters are able to do! May we grow in unity and in strength!!!

  18. My goal was simple–one tract and/or one conversation per day. I haven’t kept a tally, but I know that having the club has upped my “successful” days. I keep looking (and often finding) openings to witness to my patients. Never had anyone get mad at me for that–though I can’t say I’ve had any on the spot conversions either. But, my responsibility is to witness. And what a joy and privilege that is.

    My other long term goal is to send Tony Miano’s Dear Neighbor letter to every po box in my small town. It’s giving me an new appreciation for the size of 2500. (And if 2500 is that many, how many is a trillion???)

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