Super Bowl XLIII Street Preachers

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Here’s a neat article from the St. Petersburg Times about the evangelists preaching at the Super Bowl:

TAMPA — Wesley Tyler stepped atop a plastic stool Friday at the corner of Channelside and Beneficial drives and began to preach at jersey-clad Steelers fans and other passers-by.

“Be very careful crossing the street,” warned Tyler, a 32-year-old social worker. “If you get hit by a car, make sure you know where you’re going to spend eternity.”

Most people barely looked his way. Undeterred, Tyler picked up his stool and moved to a busier spot.

His mission: to share the Gospel with Super Bowl fans.

Read the rest of the article here.

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  1. Excellent! The gospel makes it into a major daily newspaper. Great effort in organizing this evangelist’s dream event. Alot of hard work but many a blessing, I’m sure. Praise God!

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