The End is Near?


One of our Associate Pastors, Mike Maffe, talked about the conflict in the Middle East last week-end, and how it relates to Biblical Prophesy. null A local reporter from the Daily Breeze wrote an article about this subject. It pits Pastor Maffe’s view against the view of a Reformed Pastor. Both arguments are valid and fall under under the pale af Christian Orthodoxy. But check out the third guy’s view, a theological professor of philosophy and religious studies from Marymount College. What’s wrong with his theology? And how does this view reduce the urgency of preaching the Gospel, especially in the quote that closes the article?Click here to read the article.


  1. ok, i can see how the teachers comments don’t quite line up with ours. God is not a God of destruction? How about flooding the earth? How about fire raining down on Sodom? Is that not destruction? Granted, he takes no pleasure in it, but God will do what God will do.
    As for Mike and the other Pastor, which one is correct? I was leaning more toward the other Pastor, but i could be wrong. Or have we any way of knowing, regardless?
    Truthfully, the end is of little importance in the sense that it WILL happen, and we can do nothing to affect it, we just have to keep getting that Gospel out there with the urgency and it could be later on tonight.

  2. Both are accepted views…Who’s right? We’ll have to wait and see!

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