The Disturbing Tract


I got an angry email from a person who received our “Will your good outweigh your bad?” tract—and understood it. She didn’t like the message at all. Here’s her email:

This “QUICK 8 QUESTION TEST” tract that I found is so disturbing. It’s so manipulative to try to gather people into your fold by FEAR.

This fear-based tract is disgusting, and I truly believe that this is the sort of thing that DRIVES PEOPLE AWAY from Christianity.

Christianity used to bring to mind things like loving-kindness – now many millions of people immediately think of harsh judgement.

So just keep telling people what pieces of s— they are, and if they don’t do and say the things just the way you say they should, they will all be damned to eternal damnation.

Yeah, that really makes people want to turn to God with willing hearts.

Do you have children? Do you want them to come to you and listen to your guidance because they love you and truly want to be like you, or do you want them to come to you because if they don’t they’ll receive a severe beating?

These tracts are medieval, fear-based tactics. Shame on you.

Click here to download your own fear-based, medieval tract.


  1. Ahhh ever since ‘Atheist Tuesdays’ stopped occurring, commentary on this blog is way down, I miss all the ‘bombs’ you’d clumsily hurl Steve, they were fun to refute. And I never got my Lee Strobel book! I still have the book I picked out for you Steve if you’re still interested?

    • Yep. I chose to end the atheist negativity by deleting, editing or not allowing their comments. I’ve re-ordered the books. When I get them in I will send you a copy. Look for a special Atheist Tuesday post tomorrow though.

  2. Steve Sanchez wrote:
    ” Look for a special Atheist Tuesday post tomorrow”

    I have a feeling it’s going to raise a few eyebrows!

  3. So, you decided to stop any discourse from occurring.

    You certainly showed us, Steve. Clearly you are a powerful warrior of Christ.


  4. I love it when the Holy Spirit convicts people of their sin. I pray that this person “whoever it is?” Will come to faith and repentance, I was laughing when reading the feedback letter. Thank you Lord for your work in the heart of this person. Encouraging Steve thanx soo much. I needed this.

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