The Crazy Drunk Heckler, Part 1


While in Huntington Beach last week I had a great time asking trivia questions and preaching the gospel—until a drunk guy swaggered in—then it became even more exciting! There’s some great filming and editing from the Way of the Master team. I will post part 2 when it becomes available. (See part 2 by clicking here.)

This will be the featured video for the show “On the Box” where I was a guest today with Tony Miano and Chad Williams.

I will also be on tomorrow. These episodes of the program will be shown the first week in May when Ray Comfort and the team will be in Israel. I’ll post them when they are available. I also had the opportunity to talk about how I first learned of “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” and talked about preaching the Gospel in communist countries like china, where I went five years ago. (I’m going to another communist country in a few months.)

If you’ve never seen “On the Box,” please click here to see archived shows.


  1. Steve vs. Drunken Guy… who will win?

  2. Wow! Good show, bro! Looking forward to the next segment.

  3. Wow, Steve. Did you have Chad there to watch your back?

    Looking forward to part 2!

  4. Thank you Steve now I know more questions for drawing a crowd!

  5. Bring it Steve

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