The Atheist Fails an I.Q. Test


A review of this video from Michael: “this is stupid and I wasted 10 minutes of my life watching it”

One of our favorite ways to share our faith at street fairs and college campuses is to use the Intelligence Test. We use a few simple “trick” questions, then transition into a Gospel presentation. (Download the free I.Q. Test tract here.) It’s amazing how people laugh until they get convicted of their sin. This 10 minute video shows how well this method works.

At the last Labor Day Fiesta Hermosa street fair, a woman took the test. After we discovered that she was already a Christian, she thanked us and walked away. A few minutes later, she came back with her atheist husband and nephew. Watch how these two men listen intently when confronted with their sin. And notice how the atheist is suddenly concerned about his eternal destination. (Read another article about this here.)


  1. I find it odd you guys bandy Einstein about when he’s not even a Christian.

  2. Right they aren’t IQ tests, they are really Observation Tests, or possibly even Trust Tests.

    Actually seeing your approach to the husband your playing off pride too.

    And the Nephew certainly wasn’t an Atheist. Some sort of Pantheist perhaps?

    Of course the funny thing is the Moses/Noah answer isn’t 2 anyway. Which I see Steve saying in the video. Steve you should try reading the bible some time 😉

    Then of course there’s the standard Good Person Test. Despite the fact that
    A) Christians don’t believe that you have to follow all the 10 commandments anyway.
    B) Never ever justify the defintion of “Good” as “Perfectly follow 10 of the 600+ jewish laws”

  3. Hey Bathtub,
    It’s encouraging to see how you keep thinking about Christianity, even if you disagree!

    I just have a couple quick (or maybe not so very quick) questions:

    1. The 10 Commandments were written in stone. The other 600+ commandments were taught to Israel by Moses, but God gave the 10 commandments directly to the people on tablets of stone. Why do you think that those 10, out of all the commandments, were written in stone and not taught but declared to the people?

    2. When God reminded the people of Israel of his covenant in the book of Deuteronomy, which has the literary structure of a covenant between two parties, why do you think that the 10 commandments again are emphasized? Could it be that the 10 commandments really are God’s standard of righteousness by which He shall hold the whole world accountable?
    (see Deuteronmy 5,

  4. this is stupid and I wasted 10 minutes of my life watching it

  5. Pastor Steve, good job presenting the IQ Test. It is easy and fun. And at the same time serious as a heart attack. You could see each man was concerned. Hey, check this out: “I am a nobody preaching to anybody about the Somebody that can save everybody!!!!

  6. Peter, any reason you picked the 3rd set of 10 commandments?

    Written on stone, called the 10 commandments,… you should be reading Exodus 23

  7. I watched the video, I don’t think either of those guys took what Steve had to say seriously, it was mostly just for laughs. Its interesting though what Bathtub brought up, in reference to the 600+ Jewish laws of the Torah. Hasidic Jews (613 to be more specific). Their belief commands them to obey all of these laws, much like the 10 commandments is a guideline for Christians. What are your thoughts on Hasidic Jews or Jewish people in general Steve? I know on one of your posts you talked with a Jewish gay guy, and said he was missing his messiah, do you believe all Jews are damned even if they obey the 10 commandments?

  8. What about those Jewish sects that believe in Jesus, but still maintain their Jewish faith?

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