Graduates! Graduates! (And something new!)


I learned something new about handing out tracts from Badonna, a student of this latest graduating class (second from right in front row): When handing a Gospel tract to a person say, “Please do not read the back!” Guess what they then do?

I’ve added something else: “Please do not read the back; it will make you soooo mad! And please don’t litter.” It’s amazing how fast they turn the tract over to read it.

August/September 2010 Grads

Here are the remaining faithful from the August/September six week evangelism class that just finished last Wednesday night. Out of 24 original students, 17 made it to the end! Congratulations all!

Hope Del Rey One Day Class Grads

And here are the graduates who endured nearly seven hours of evangelism training at my one day class at their church, Hope Chapel Del Rey, pastored by Mark Koukl (yes, Greg’s brother). Another hearty congrats to you all.

Do something! Do something! Do something!

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