Thanking God/Blaming God/Removing God, Etc.


There are many reactions to God. Obviously, when I evangelize to unbelievers, the reactions can be very negative; but check these out:

A football player scores a touchdown and thanks God with an end zone gesture. “I do that to give glory to my Heavenly Father, Jesus. He gives me the strength. He’s the one who gives me these abilities in the first place.” Then he’s penalized! Click here to read the rest of the story.

Another football player blames God for his muffed play and tweets this:

I PRAISE YOU 24/7!!!! AND THIS IS HOW YOU DO ME!!!! YOU EXPECT ME TO LEARN FROM THIS!!!! HOW???!!! I’LL NEVER FORGET THIS!!! EVER!!! THX THO… Click here to read the rest of the story.

According to the Star-Telegram, a local Texas businessman had assembled and decorated a 9-foot-tall tree in the lobby of the Chase Bank Southlake Boulevard branch in Tarrant County as a favor to the manager, who is one of his clients.

The branch manager was quickly told by the bank that the tree had to go. She later showed the businessman an e-mail from JPMorgan Chase saying that the tree had to be removed because some people were offended by it.  Read that story here.

Wow! God can truly be controversial.


  1. I’ve only glanced at what you linked and unless there’s some extenuating circumstances,

    1 – the ref’s decision seems heavy-handed. However, you would only have a point if you could show that this ref allowed other end zone displays while penalizing this particular one.

    2 – A believer blaming God? While it was funny, I don’t see the point to this story.

    3 – This looks like Christian grandstanding and the whining of a majority population that wants to believe they are the only ones that matter. “To ensure that everyone who visits Chase branches feels welcome and comfortable, the bank’s policy is to use only decorations supplied by the company.” The response? “Yeah, but most of us are Christian, so who cares about anyone else?”

    The tree was donated “as a favor to the branch manager.” Can I just highlight ‘favor’? So, it sounds like the manager wanted to defy company rules and decorate the public areas for Christmas. Boo hiss. Can’t have a company decide how it decorates it’s branches.

  2. Gee. It seems like you’d approve when people give God praise for scoring a touchdown, or delivering a baby, or returning something they lost. Did I get that wrong?

    Well, guess what, Steve? If God gets the credit when something good happens, then He also gets the blame when the inverse occurs. That’s nothing unusual. It’s called “taking responsibility.” If God is responsible for the positive stuff, then guess what? When the positive stuff don’t happen…

  3. Well, despite his seemingly good intentions, that runningback should be penalized for heresy. 🙂 Jesus is NOT the Father. Is he a Oneness Pentecostal?

  4. I find the idea of people thanking God for scoring touchdowns or winning a game sort of silly. God doesn’t favor one team over another, just because your team one, it also means the other team lost. Doesn’t mean God’s a bigger fan of you guys, I doubt He cares about sports at all really.

  5. Hey Vin, if you haven’t already seen it check out the movie “Facing the Giants.” A great film on how and why God “can” care about sports, in the movie’s case football. A lot of biblical principles can be taught through sports. But Vin you do make a good point that God doesn’t necessary favor one team over another. It’s like the saying, “God is for us.” But really we need to ask a question rather than make a statement, “are we for God?” Just a few thoughts. God bless!

  6. Its the same principle in war Thomas, often both sides will claim that God is with Us. Even the Nazi’s said this. But I’m pretty sure that God doesn’t root for sides in warfare either. The notion of it is silly.

  7. You’re just… i mean…

    A tree?? That’s not even christian. Christians shouldn’t have trees. The symbol of the tree has nothing to do with the “birth of jesus”. So stfu already.

  8. The tree is not christian. So stfu.

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