Sudden Deaths: 50 Deadly Things (and where do you go afterward?)


This is a great pictorial that gives statistics of the 50 deadliest things that can kill you.

Some examples:

  • Fireworks discharge: 1 in 479,992
  • Getting punched: 1 in 319,995
  • Drowning in a bathtub: 1 in 9,298
  • Falling from a building: 1 in 6,115
  • Pedestrian accident: 1 in 623

Read and see the other 45 ways to die by clicking here.

You never know when your time will come. Are you ready to be judged? Where will you go?

Watch a short debate about this question on Larry King Live between a renowned pastor (a man who has been extremely influential in my life), a Rabbi, a New Ager, a Muslim, a priest and an atheist who gets in the last word (in part 2). Who do you think has the best answer?



  1. Well, a lot of them really didn’t get to talk much (or the YouTube videos were cut…), but I do agree that the evidence for Jesus is very lacking.

  2. You are very right in saying the evidence is lacking. But, where do you get your belief from?

    • Hi Richard,

      I get my beliefs from the evidence in my environment. I’d have to ask you which specific beliefs you’re asking about, and I’d ask you to not assume that you know what my beliefs are.

      • Mr. Nohm, I put you on my prayer list of those needing to be saved. I hope your doing well today.

    • Richard, I do not understand the question. There is no evidence, so there is no belief to be had. Thanks for agreeing with me?

  3. Steve have you ever seen the television show “1000 Ways To Die” on the Spike TV channel?

    If you haven’t you should check out their website. You can find the website by googling “1000 ways to die spike tv.”

    I believe that tonight Spike TV is airing a new episode. It appears that they love Sudden Death Mondays as much as you do.

  4. Life can be painful and cyclical. So if a person believes that there is something better waiting for them in the next life and they feel that they have lived a good life it isn’t unusual for them to be disappointed. I think McArthur’s (the preacher) disappointment is a testament to his faith that there is a better place waiting for him.

    I agree with you that all of the points of view weren’t given the same amount of time. So I can only conclude that Larry King is in fact a deep cover conserative protestant who loves himself some old time street preachin’.


  5. Sure they’re edited the video…. it’s 13+ minutes out of an hour talk show. Here’s the full transcript of the original show, aired first on April 14, 2005.

    There’s not a thing left out of the videos shown in this blog post that would change any of the information presented by Pastor John MacArthur. Why didn’t Grace To You (Pastor MacArthur’s ministry that put these videos online) put out the entire show? I don’t know… but odds are it was because in this day and age people have short attention spans and having the entire video shown in what would have to be broken up into multiple larger videos would be too much for folks to take in. That’s just a guess on my part. 🙂

    Bottom line, it’s clear from what was shown in the videos that Christianity is markedly different from every other world faith system because of one thing – Jesus Christ. We are dead in our trespasses and sins and will one day have to give an account for the life we lived. If we don’t have a payment for our sins (remember that the wages of sin is death… we have by our sins earned death) then we will be punished by the just judge of the world.

    But God so loved the world that he made a way to pay our fine…. by coming down to earth in the person of Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins. Then He defeated death by rising again after three days, and he commands all men and women everywhere to repent from their sins and put their trust alone in Him who died in their place.

    I beg you Jim if you have not done this to look at yourself the way God sees you…. and realize that you’re a sinner just like I am, and you’re in need of having your conscious cleansed and your sins forgiven. I pray before your live your last day on this earth you turn from your sins and turn to Christ.


  6. Steve,

    Did you get my question about John MacArthur’s position on speaking in tongues?

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