Sudden Death: Street Preaching!


Ordained as ministers last year, Stephen Ocean (23) and Tite Sufra (24) spent most of their time preaching to troubled youths in the streets before being gunned down Saturday night by an 18-year-old man named Jeriah Woody. According to police reports, the ministers had been preaching to Woody for about 15 minutes. Woody walked away, then inexplicably turned around and came running back to kill both men. Woody surrendered to Boynton Beach police this morning.

Ocean and Sufra are not the first men to be attacked while preaching in the streets. Several months ago, Justin Eiland was charged with battery after lashing out at street preachers in downtown DeLand, Florida. Eiland said they had made him feel guilty about going out for a drink. There are countless other examples of verbal and physical assaults against people preaching in the streets. Click here to read the rest from, “Teenager kills two ministers preaching to him”

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