Kids’ Evangelism Top-of-the-Class Winner


A few months back I posted a picture of the prize (see it up close here) that the top kid evangelist would win if they scored the most points in my Kid Evangelism class. All they had to do was hand out one Gospel tract a day, then write one paragraph about each experience. The winner, Cherish, never missed a day, completely blowing away the competition.

She is now now enrolled in my adult class (along with her whole family), and has her eyes on a new prize: a hand-carved, hand-inscribed Ten Commandments plaque.

Congratulations, Cherish!

In addition to learning about evangelism, the kids  get to rehearse and perform a little humorous skit dealing in some way with the Christian life. Here’s a skit called “Mrs. No” that Cherish was in. Feel free to use it for your own kids’ evangelism class.

  Mrs. No

Cast: Angel #1, Angel #2, Mrs. No, Homeless Girl, Old lady,
Muslim Man, Ex-convict, Louie the new Christian

(The skit starts out with a lady sitting in the middle of the stage on a stool. Two angels stand stage right and observe Mrs. No.)

Angel #1: Who’s that lady?

Angel #2: Shhh… You’ll disturb her.

#1: Well, who is she?

#2: She’s your average Christian and she doesn’t want anybody to bother her. We call her Mrs. No. She’s having her own time with God.

#1: What? You’re kidding? Are there really people who think that they can be Christian loners?

#2: Just watch. See that homeless girl? Watch what Mrs. No does.

Homeless Girl: Hi there, my friend. I’m homeless and in need of food. I don’t need any money or anything. Can you just give me directions to a rescue mission? That’s all I need.

Mrs. No: I’m sorry, honey. I can’t help you right now. I’m having a little alone time with the Lord. But I’ll pray for you.

(Homeless girl walks away.)

#2: See that little old lady? Now watch what happens.

Old lady: Excuse me, ma’am. Will you please help me on the bus? I can hardly walk, I just got out of the hospital, and I have bunions on my feet.

Mrs. No: I’m sorry. I’m praying for a homeless man right now. I have a full plate.

Old lady: Oh please mam. Just a little help?

Mrs. No: I’ve got to let my “Yes” mean “Yes,” and my “No,” “No.”

Old Lady: What does that mean?

Mrs. No: It means that if I help you, I will break my promise to not help you. I’d be sinning against the Lord if I helped you.

Old Lady: Just offer your arm, mam. Just offer your arm!

(A Muslim man walks by)


Old Lady: Excuse me, sir. Are you a Christian, too?

Muslim Man: No Ma’am. I’m Muslim. How may I help you?

Old Lady: Can you help me on the bus?

Muslim Man: Of course, Ma’am. That would be the Christian thing to do.


(Muslim Man takes the Old lady’s arm and walks her away.)

#2: Look at that kid! He just got out of jail, and he’s looking for a church. Think Mrs. No will help him?

#1: Heck no.

Ex-Convict: Hey bro! What’s up? Do you know where I could find a good church around here? I found Jesus in jail and could use a little help.

Mrs. No: Sorry. I hear that there’s a good church a few miles away, but I don’t remember the name. I’ll be praying for you, though.

(Ex-convict walks away)

#1: Look! Here comes someone else. What’s up with him?

#2: Just watch.

Louie: Someone just gave me a… Gospel tract. It’s amazing. I read it, realized I was headed for Hell, and then I read the good news of Jesus Christ. These silly million dollar bills are powerful. I have an extra one. Would you like to read it?

Mrs. No: I’m already saved.

Louie: Well, maybe, you can hand one out to someone who isn’t?

Mrs. No: That is not my job. Evangelists are supposed to that. But I’ll be praying for you.

#1: That’s ridiculous. Mrs. No won’t do anything! And she calls herself a Christian.

#2: Yes she does.

#1: I don’t get it. She’s just sitting there doing nothing, but acting like she’s all spiritual and everything. And she says she’s a Christian?

#2: Yep.

#1: Oooooohhhh, that just burns me up. I thought that you have to actually do some things to show that you’re a Christian, not just say things. James writes that “Faith without works is dead.”

#2: That’s true. He did write that.

#1: Well then, what about Mrs. No? How can she say she’s a Christian and not do anything helpful whatsoever?

#2: She’s different. She doesn’t have to do anything because where she lives it’s safe and free and no one holds anyone accountable for their actions; or in the case with Mrs. No, her inaction.

#1: That’s really lame. What kind of Christian is Mrs. No anyway?

#2: You won’t believe it….

#1: Yes I will. What kind of Christian is she?

#2: Mrs. No is… is… Mrs. No is an American Christian.


  1. At least the lady isn’t standing around gossiping like the 2 Angels.

    How about 1 of them, or even Jesus himself take 10 seconds out of their clearly busy day and correct her? More important apparently that the women continue on her way with an apparently incorrect view on Christianity.

    I guess the lesson is ‘If you doing Christianity wrong, you’re on your own because Jesus or his angels won’t bother to set you straight’

    Wouldn’t a better idea have the women being instructed by the angels (or Jesus, what else is doing?) to correct her actions? You could even do it in a ‘Christmas Carol’ format, where an angel corrects her actions over the day. “Remember this Ex-con you met this afternoon?…” As it is now the Woman ends the skit as ignorant as she did at the beginning.

  2. I love it! And … I think I will see about WAR doing that skit. We are just a bunch of big kids anyway. 🙂

  3. Bathtub,

    That’s what the church (the people are for): to correct error.

    I left the ending the way it is so Christians can reflect on their own behaviors. This was a very loose rendering of the Good Samaritan account.

  4. Something I noticed: early in the skit, Mrs. No interacts with a homeless girl, and Mrs. No says that she’ll pray for the girl. A little later, Mrs. No says that she’s praying for a homeless “man”.

    Now, I can see that it might be intentional, but just pointing out that it might need to be changed to “girl” instead of “man”.

    Also, why would a muslim say that something is the “Christian thing to do”? That just seemed strange to me.

  5. The Muslim man: irony.

    I find the skit rather ironic. It’s almost as if you understand that angels don’t interact with people, that prayer is ineffective, that ‘time with God’ can’t correct error and that in order to get anything done, we need to do it ourselves.

  6. What a great skit! I would love to see someone post a video of it!
    Awesome Steve, keep up the good work!

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