Sudden Death: On the Throne!


Here is another collection of people who have died suddenly on the… well, you know…

King George II died on the toilet in 1760 at the age of 77.
 He woke up at six that morning, drank a little chocolate, and an hour later went to the bathroom, where he died of a ruptured aorta.

Evelyn Waugh, one of the greatest British novelists of the 20th century, drank a lot, smoked cigars and rarely exercised. He died at the age of 62, on April 10 1966, in the bathroom.

Catherine the Great of Russia suffered a stroke while sitting on the john in 1796…but died in her bed several hours later.
—From Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader (a very funny book with lots of useful—and useless—information. Read about more people who died on the pot here.

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