FOUNDations: D. L. Moody (1837 – 1899)


“It is a good thing to get a man on his knees, but don’t get him there before he is ready. You may have to talk with him two hours before you can get him that far, but when you think he is about ready, say, ‘Shall we not ask God to give us light on this point?’ Ask him to pray for himself. If he doesn’t want to pray, let him use a bible prayer; get him to repeat it.”
 “Don’t send a man home to pray. Of course he should pray at home, but I would rather get his lips open at once. It is a good thing for a man to hear his own voice in prayer.”
“Urge an immediate decision, but never tell a man he is converted. Never tell him he is saved. Let the Holy Spirit reveal that to him.”
—From “Experiencing Pleasure and Profit in Bible Study.”
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