Sudden Death: Cell Phone!


A 33-year-old Korean man was found dead on November 28, apparently killed by a cell phone battery explosion. The cell phone was made by LG Electronics.The man, identified only by his family name, Sur, was found dead by his co-workers at a quarry in North Chungcheong Province where he was employed as a shovel operator.

According to the co-worker who found him, “He had a mobile phone with a melted battery in his left shirt pocket. His shirt had soot on it in the shape of the phone.”

Professor Kim Hoon at Chungbuk National University, who examined the body, attributed the death to a phone battery explosion.” He was injured in the left side of his chest. His ribs and spine were broken. The explosion punctured his heart and lungs, leading to his death,” Kim said.

Source: Telecoms Korea News Service

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