John Chapter 1, Starring the Metzger Family!


Nearly 20 years ago, Brian Metzger and myself partied hard in our lost years. We fell away as friends then independently found Christ within two years of each other (around 1990ish). Now he is a tamed married man (like myself), and has five wonderful kids.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, in this last day of the first week of the New Year, it’s easy to forget that Christ came 2,008 years ago to bear witness of the truth; John’s Gospel declares this truth¬†boldly. The Metzger family has made a wonderful video of John Chapter 1—using all five of their kids in the telling of this chapter. I loved this 10 minute video; you will, too.


  1. This is from Pual LaTour:

    “That was so well done!! These kind of things I might see now and again on God Tube or something lean more on the cheezy side of things or just plain cute. THIS, however, was great! The kids seemed do natural, played their parts well, the camera work, the lighting, the angles and, of course, the script, were all excellent. Congrats to the Metzgers!

    Paul Latour

  2. That video was so sweet and beautiful. It reminded me about how Jesus said to let the children come to Him. And how he reminds us that we need to come to Him as children do with trust and an open heart. It was fabulously done!

    Thank you for sharing I enjoyed watching it and I am sure many others will enjoy it as well.


  3. What a wonderful presentation. These children have indeed done a great job of memorizing the Word and an even better job of clearly articulating the scripture. BRAVO!!! May this be just the beginning!

    Ward Bartsch – Rimrock AZ

  4. An absolutely wonderful experience watching these children presenting the Great Good News of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. It would be great to see the entire Gospel of John produced with these children. Great job to all involved.

    Thank you,
    Steve Pate — Kent WA

  5. Thanks everybody for the great comments.
    Steve, we do hope to do the entire Gospel of John – before they’re all too big to be cute. Everybody please keep us in you prayers it is an awesome task. We are ready to shoot the wedding and the moneychangers and Nicodemus.
    We are really excited and everybody’s comments mean a lot to us. If you want to contact us or if you’d like a DVD of John 1 (much better quality), you can contact us at
    Grace and peace
    Brian and Mary Metzger and Kodie and Daniel and Elijah and Joseph and Abigail (Abby)

  6. Wonderful! Thanks for the impact you’ve had on your children and the living testimony that radiates from their lives.

  7. Thank you
    Brian and the biblebuds

  8. haha that was awesome! your kids all did excellent jobs.

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