Sudden Death: At the Movies!

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Don’t be intimidated! Hand out your Gospel tracts to the lost rich and famous, too! Here are a few actors who have died while filming their movies. I’m not sure if they heard the Gospel….

John Candy passed on while filming  the comic western, “Wagons East!” in 1994. Candy died at age 43 after suffering a heart attack in his sleep in a motel in Mexico. Most of Candy’s scenes were already shot, so a body double was used for the remaining footage. The movie died also when it was released.

Vic Morrow died in 1983 during the shoot of Twilight Zone: The Movie. A helicopter crashed and one of the blades decapitated the 53-year-year-old Morrow.

Oliver Reed died while filming the 2000 film, Gladiator. He had a reputation for being a heavy drinker and partier. He died the way he lived. On Malta, where he was working, he went into a bar and reportedly drank three bottles of rum, eight bottles of beer, and several shots of whiskey. He died of a heart attack. —Source: The Bathroom Reader

Did you see this video of John Travolta and Holly Hunter
being handed a Million Dollar Bill Gospel tract?

I gave Stevie Wonder a Gospel tract a couple of years ago. See the photo here.

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  1. Handing out tracts when you are alone is difficult thing to do. However, it’s so much easier when your with a group of blievers doing the samething. The other day, a group of seed sowers went to the Laker vs. Clipper game and I was able to get a MDB into the hands of Michael Cooper. (he’s a retired professional basketball player)

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