My Thoughts: Disneyland Disaster?


I asked the question on Tuesday, in regard to a recent visit to Disneyland: Why was I content to hand out only 25 Gospel tracts when there were tens of thousands of unsaved people walking around?

A few contributed some worthy speculations:

Angel asked, “Because you were devoting yourself to some much needed family time?”

My answer:


The advantage of making a daily evangelistic goal (mine is to hand out ten tracts a day) is that once I’ve attained it, I can relax. There were times in the past when I would absolutely ruin a family outing because of my zeal for the lost. My priorities were sincerely misplaced (click to read an article on how I really blew it and knew I had to change).  It got to the point where my daughters would ask this pleading question: “Daddy, do you have to hand out tracts today?”

Now that I’m part of The Everyday Club, I can confidently assure my wife and two little girls by saying this, “All I have to do is hand out ten tracts and I’m done.”

They breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Canadian Paul Latour answered my question, “Why was I content with handing out so few tracts?” in this way:

“Because you’re finally burning out, couldn’t care less about people’s souls, dropping the faith, gonna sell your family and spend the rest of your life drinking beer while catching rays on the beach until you shrivel up and die?”

Of course. That would be my reason…if I lived in Canada! 🙂


  1. Balancing priorities is biblical. Your inner primary evangelism outreach is the ones closest to you….your family.

  2. Ya, recently I went to Disney World and didn’t pass out many tracts… I was mostly just spending time with family.

  3. I can’t burn out up here, Steve. It’s only the beginning of November and it’s already too wet and cold for anything to burn. It snowed here yesterday. Have I ever told you what the winters are like here?? 🙂

    Awesome family dedication there, Pops! That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

    I am as guilty as anyone else who has put their evangelism before their family. I have since repented and I now pay attention to the priorities that God has given me to be responsible for by placing them in the order that they are supposed to be in. And it all works out. The Lord’s ways are always best.

    Glad to see you had a great time with your family.

  4. So, now … did I win anything? 😛

    I love being part of The Everyday Club! It not only lets me set a reasonable goal, but allows me to enjoy time with my family as well without feeling like I am slacking or making them feel like I am not really “there” with them. It is awesome!

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