SUCCESS! 2,000 Copies of 180 Movie Given Away at USC


The proof is in the puddin’ photo. Those that needed to see the 180 Movie most (in other words, everyone) got a copy of this stunning and shocking 33 minute documentary. Obviously, some people need to see this movie more than others.

Our team of eight handed out two thousand copies in about two hours with no hassle. To give them away we said:

  • “Check it out! Over one million viewings on YouTube!”
  • “Here ya go. Save a woman’s life!”
  • “See the number one cause of death for black Americans.”
  • “This DVD deals with a very important issue for women.”

USC Security came by when we had about 100 copies left. Since we didn’t have a permit he told us to stop…but gave us an additional five minutes to finish up. We did.

Here’s hoping that the more liberal-minded on this campus would rethink their position on whether it is a woman’s right to choose to murder her baby. Watch the unbridled enthusiasm of those who received their free copies:


  1. Yep giving away free stuff is really easy, we all know that.

    As I asked in the deleted thread, was this the original date as it seems really late?

  2. Anonymous Planned Parenthood workers. Hmmmm. Well, that could be. After all, I’m sure they have received numerous threats to life and limb from various Christians. But I’m not buying it. I’m thinking these people are Planned Parenthood workers the same way the “TellY” is an actual award.

    • They were gathering signatures for something from PP. They said that they weren’t supposed to publicize what they were doing; that’s why they covered their faces.

      Believe it or not! 🙂

      • Afraid I don’t. They were working for Planned Parenthood and they hold copies of the DVD up to hide their faces, which just happens to give you what you want: publicity.

        But I know a Christian wouldn’t lie. . .

  3. Great photo. I pray these Plan Parenthood students will view this video and do a 180.

  4. My blog tells how I was almost destroyed by abortion!

  5. Steve, you are awesome. Thanks for being an example of pressing on, regardless of the people who claim that there are no moral absolutes, then turn around tell you what is absolutely wrong.

    • I like people who say there are absolutes like ‘lying is wrong’ then repeatedly lie over and over again, ‘that’s not the final version of the film you have!’

      You wouldn’t know anyone like that would you Eddie?

    • Hi Eddie,

      1. Who said that is “absolutely wrong”?

      2. Do you understand that the word “absolute” is being used differently in the statement “that is absolutely wrong”, compared to the statement “there are no moral absolutes”? What you’re doing is called “equivocation”; the word “absolute” has more than one meaning.

  6. Well apparently he doesn’t need one. They stood by and watched him hand out the remainder of his supply. I wouldn’t seek a permit either in that case!

    • Yes indeed. What we were doing was not illegal. Again, Security gave us an additional 5 minutes to hand out the DVDs. We are very friendly and winsome when confronted with opposition, as you know, Jim.

      And even if it was illegal, do you think the saving of innocent lives warrants risk? To hide Jews in Nazi Germany was illegal. I sure hope you wouldn’t question those who chose to break the law during that time.

    • “Hiding Jews in Nazi Germany” could not be more different from “handing out free DVDs at a college” if you tried.

    • Both involve saving innocent lives.

      1. Saying that aborted fetuses are “innocent lives” is a statement that is (obviously) in dispute.

      2. Is there any evidence at all that “180” has prevented any abortions whatsoever?

      Also, “hiding jews” meant you’d be arrested (at best) if you were found out. Getting caught handing out DVDs without a permit is a warning, at best, but nothing would happen.

      C’mon now. Do you really see handing out a DVD without a permit as the same thing as hiding jews from the SS? Do you see the cops treating you the same way as the SS would treat people hiding jews?

      C’mon now, seriously.

    • Ack, I meant:

      Getting caught handing out DVDs without a permit is a warning, at worst, but nothing would happen.

    • So lying to save innocent lives is acceptable, despite lies being a sin?

      I want to see where this goes.

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  8. That picture of the two planned parenthood supporters holding 180 is priceless… I hope they watched it.

  9. Why is that you continually call abortion murder, but you don’t want to talk about punishing the murderers? At least, you don’t allow my posts that mention it.

    • Well, according to U.S. Law, abortion is not murder; therefore there is no punishment under the law. You mentioned that numerous people confessed at the “180 Movie” Facebook page that they had committed murder. I admitted to being an accomplice to murder in this post. You are demanding, apparently, that justice should be meted out. Fair enough. Yet, according to U. S. law, no law was broken. So what should be done with those murderers?

      Nothing. They broke no law.

      But God has a law, the 10 Commandments. He will see that all murderers, liars, thieves, etc., get justice. And they will, when they die. Their punishment will be eternity in a place called Hell.

      But God demonstrated his love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. All those murderers on the Facebook page who confessed and renounced their sin of murder, are now forgiven if they placed their trust in Christ.

      That’s not justice; that’s mercy.

      I hope this answers your question. Thanks for asking.

      • So if abortion is made illegal, if it is made a crime, what should the punishment then be for those who obtain and perform abortions?

        If it is made a crime, what is the statute of limitations?

      • What about supporting and paying a christian soldier to go across seas to help spread christianity and spread your beliefs and to help fight the “extremists.” Which obviously involves death and murder by a soldier you support financialy. What law does that fall under?

      • The Bible gives government the right to bear the sword. So just military conflicts are okay.

        Obviously, I don’t subscribe to your perspective of what our soldiers do.

      • I absolutely adore how, in the exact same post, you contradict yourself.

        “He will see that murderers, liars, thieves, etc., get justice.”


        “All those murderers…are now forgiven if they placed their trust in Christ. That’s not justice; that’s mercy.”

  10. “Disagree. Both involve saving innocent lives.”

    Even if this was true, handing out DVDs in a free society and hiding a persecuted minority in a tyrannical society are not the same thing.

  11. Steve, so you are okay with a person you pay to go overseas and kill “extemist” muslims ? But you are not okay with the killing of the Jews? Yet according to you they are going to hell anyways?

    You are against abortion. What if you knew some one was going to give birth to a baby who is going to grow up a “extremist” muslim? Are you against killing that person or baby? Or will you just wait until they get older and then, use the church funds to send a soldier overseas, and have them possibly killed?

    You make it seem that you are pro life, yet you support the killing of thousands in another country by christian men. So it seems to me you make your own rules. And if I am wrong about the men you financialy support overseas to fight this”holy” war. Let me know. Or fill me in

  12. @ Davy

    Steve has no idea what you are talking about. He is not supporting any christian soldiers to go overseas and kill muslims. You are taking something I have told you and completely twisted it out of context.

    You can Google Far Reaching Ministries and see the ministry for yourself that I support. The “soldiers” I support are chaplains that are part of the South Sudanese Army. These people in some of the villages have gone through horrific ordeals when extremist muslim groups from the north have come into villages to rape and kill. There are stories of babies getting smashed against trees to save bullets. So yes these villagers have my full support to defend themselves. But more than meeting physical needs – it’s about spiritual needs. So this ministry goes into very hard to reach areas of the world to reach out and share the gospel.

    Seems you got it all twisted. I am supporting (local Sudanese) Christian Chaplains that are getting trained by Far Reaching Ministries in the word of God.
    Hope this clarifies somewhat.

  13. Hi Patrick

    At what point did I say revenge and murder are ok??

    I firmly believe in Jesus’s sermon on the mount.
    Love your enemies, bless those that persecute you, etc etc.

    Revenge and murder are not ok.

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