Stop Preaching! Revival Has Come!


Another big move of the spirit? A second Great Awakening? Here is the leader of the latest “Revival” taking place in Florida explaining how God has spoken to him.

You know how you always hear of Christians giving Jesus a black eye? Watch this two minute video and see that it’s now the other way around: Jesus is giving Christians a black eye! It gives new meaning to a person being “slain in the spirit.”

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Every few years a “New Big Revival!” is talked about. If you do a little digging, you’ll find out that something is strangely amiss, and usually it’s a Christian’s discernment. Until we get out there and preach repentance and forgiveness in Jesus’ name, we’ll just have to endure the counterfeit.


  1. Jesus is very clear about these “wolves in sheep’s clothing” coming to do what they do. It’s not like we haven’t been warned. And we are to war against these hucksters by all means, save throwing them off a cliff.

    I am not at all surprised of the likes of Bentley showing up here and there to put on a show, mock God and walk away with millions. But what amazes me more are the thousands and thousands who are drawn to these meetings, partcipate, enjoy and support these devils.

    Could it be that some these people are the same ones who would ignore or even try to shout down an open air gospel preacher on the street? Sadly, I would think it is possible.

    Prayer please.

  2. This is just sad.

    I am amazed at how many people fall for this stuff, as if they don’t read the Bible.

    Oh I forgot, like Jim Jones, they probably don’t want people to have their own Bibles.

  3. this made me sick to watch and listen too but glad to have had the opportunity to see yet another false teacher in our mist.

    please Lord, help us to realize daily that the harvest is plentiful and through your Holy Spirit to exercise boldness with love to proclaim the fundamental Gospel message. Lord, please equip us and protect us, your front-line soldiers, with a pilar of cloud ahead and a pilar of fire behind us. in the one who will return, Jesus Christ our Messiah.

    onward Christian soldiers!

  4. Just like the holy laughter, and barking growling, etc. stuff. This runs the risk of spreading violence into the church by influence and suggestion.

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