I don’t have the time or inclination to answer all the angry accusations and ridiculous questions that are written against the videos I post to YouTube, so I enlisted a quite charming fellow, Mike Farmer, to do it for me.

He is very patient, has lots of time on his hands, and is able to draw out my accusers in a very affable manner. Remember, every time they go to YouTube to respond to his comments, they are exposed yet again to the Gospel.

I have also asked him to post some of my more provocative writings on atheistic websites like, which usually results in a flurry of God-haters visiting this site with their foolish rants… further exposing them to the Gospel as well.

Way to go Ole Mikey!

(Feel free to join the fracas. My two main YouTube accounts are here and here. And please, I’d love it if you took some of my articles and posted them to your favorite atheist site, too.)

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