Sinners, Saints, and Sarah Palin


On the left was the Right, and on the right was the Left; in the middle were the L.A. Sheriff’s Dept. What was all the fuss about? Sarah Palin was making an appearance at The Home Depot Center sports complex.

And four brave/foolhardy individuals went to share the Good News of the non-partisan, non-political, Gospel of grace.

With the line forming at 8AM thousands snaked around the complex waiting to get in.

Across the street, protesters from the Democrat Party, throwbacks from the 60’s, and anyone who was just plain angry, waved their anti-signs.

Oh, how I wanted to be there To preach, per chance, to preach! but because I was ill, couldn’t make it (read about that here). God was obvously protecting me from getting maimed, killed, or worse. Some of the signage clearly articulated that Christianity was not the most favored faith.

Still, the team went boldly forward into the morass of chaos. The Republican side of the venue loved getting the Million Dollar Bills and Giant Money tracts. The Democrat supporters asked what side the evangelists were on, and mostly refused to take the Christian literature offered to them.

Those who came to share their faith weren’t there for political reasons; they were there in the hopes that both sides would vote “yes” for salvation; eternal business was at hand.

I asked the leader of the team how the crowd responded to his preaching. “Uhhhh,” he stammered, “I lost my nerve.”

Can’t blame him.

Now read the team leader’s version of the story here.


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