Sinners, Saints, and Sarah Palin


On the left was the Right, and on the right was the Left; in the middle were the L.A. Sheriff’s Dept. What was all the fuss about? Sarah Palin was making an appearance at The Home Depot Center sports complex.

And four brave/foolhardy individuals went to share the Good News of the non-partisan, non-political, Gospel of grace.

With the line forming at 8AM thousands snaked around the complex waiting to get in.

Across the street, protesters from the Democrat Party, throwbacks from the 60’s, and anyone who was just plain angry, waved their anti-signs.

Oh, how I wanted to be there To preach, per chance, to preach! but because I was ill, couldn’t make it (read about that here). God was obvously protecting me from getting maimed, killed, or worse. Some of the signage clearly articulated that Christianity was not the most favored faith.

Still, the team went boldly forward into the morass of chaos. The Republican side of the venue loved getting the Million Dollar Bills and Giant Money tracts. The Democrat supporters asked what side the evangelists were on, and mostly refused to take the Christian literature offered to them.

Those who came to share their faith weren’t there for political reasons; they were there in the hopes that both sides would vote “yes” for salvation; eternal business was at hand.

I asked the leader of the team how the crowd responded to his preaching. “Uhhhh,” he stammered, “I lost my nerve.”

Can’t blame him.

Now read the team leader’s version of the story here.


  1. I just wanted to add that I was fortunate enough to be able to attend this rally along with my Pastor/Mentor from Hope. It was a very interesting experience. For the most part, it was quite amusing as we passed by the entrance through the hecklers and protesters, as we watched very passionate individuals in line with us fight back (so to speak) and as we watched an airplane circle dragging a sign with derrogatory remarks. I ran into other members from my church and invited them to come sit among us. I’ve never been to anything like this but one of the major things I walked away with was ‘WOW – ONLY IN THE USA CAN I GO TO A POLITICAL RALLY IN A SHOW OF SUPPORT WHILE THE OPPOSING CANDIDATE’S SUPPORTERS WAVE SIGNS AND STATE THEIR PIECE BY THE ENTRANCE”. Regardless of our position or who we vote for, we are incredibly blessed to live in a country where we can voice our opinion, say what’s on our minds (good, bad or otherwise) and co-exist this way. I’m so proud to be an American!

    By the way – 100 dollar bills and million dollar bills were being passed out and I didn’t see ANY on the ground! I’m not saying there weren’t any, I’m just saying that on the long treck to our parking spot – neither I nor my Pastor saw ANY thrown on the ground! We of course each took one by a man from Calvary Chapel – who got them from HOPE!

    Amazing – truly Amazing!

  2. Pastor Steve,
    I’m so glad you did not heap any criticism on the group leader. I got the impression that things did not go well at all. Am I right? I have faced angry left-wing college students in the early 70s (are there any other kind?) and believe me, it was not fun. These people grew up to be the Clintons, the Pelosis, and the Harry Reids of this world. These people are heady and high-minded thinking they have all the answers. But I guess all that I can do is to pray for them and to say, “Did you get one of these?”

  3. I am not ashamed to say I was that “leader, who lost his nerve”. As well as ” the man from Calvary Chapel who was handing out $100 & $1,000,000 bills from Hope Chapel” mentioned above.

    How interesting is the comment from Michael Herrera above, you see I was one of those “angry left-wing college students in the early 70s”. It was like going back in time, for me to see the signs, hearing the anger & passion in the voices, listen to the chants over bull horns. I was one of the loudest, most passionate, angry young men there was.

    Thanks to our amazingly, loving Father, I am a new creation in Christ. I did not want to get in a shouting match with the “anti” people. I no longer want to be seen as “anti” anything (except perhaps my own sin). I want to be FOR Jesus Christ and His marvelous Gospel.

    The internal battle of where, when, or if to preach lasted so long, that soon the doors open and thousands of people streamed out of the stadium. I was nearly overrun with people wanting the Gospel Bills!

    I think the take away lesson, for me is remember, that “Old man” is DEAD! I am no longer the same person, let the past go, and as Pastor Steve says, quoting Charles Spurgin, “Do something, Do something, Do something”. The time is short, people are going to hell every moment of every day.

    My encouragement to you reading this is , don’t give into fear of man, instead FEAR GOD!

  4. We went to McDonald’s and order thru the Drive Thru. It was really slow moving thru. So, I decided to give the cashier a million dollar bill. He took it and as he was reading the back he left the window and you could hear him tell other workers about the bill. So, when he came back, I gave him some extra ones. I asked him, Would you consider yourself to be a good person? He said no. I keep talking to him and when I ask him if he has ever told a Lie. He didn’t want to talk to me anymore. Then the line started to move again. My Husband said maybe he didn’t understand English. I think he did.

  5. We (our team) just got some Sarah Palin bills printed. Since we live in Alaska, all the tourist LOVE them….wish we had thought about it during the campaign though!!!!!!!!

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