Sidewalk Witness Wins in Court


The police department in Hastings, Nebraska, has been forbidden by a federal court from interfering with Christians witnessing on public sidewalks. 

Kevin Pulver just wanted to stand on a public sidewalk adjacent to Hastings College and share his faith with anyone who was interested in listening. But according to Alliance Defense Fund senior counsel Nate Kellum, local authorities objected to Pulver’s presence and his message.
“He met much resistance from the Hastings Police Department,” says Kellum. “They came out there no less than 13 times, coming up with various reasons as to why he could not be there, and finally they threatened him with arrest if he continued to express his faith in public.” To continue reading, click here!


  1. Actually, on at least one occasion he did trespass on Hastings College property because I was forced to walk past him multiple times while going to and from class. Although I agree that if he was on the public sidewalk he should not have been threatened with arrest, when he was on campus and in very close proximity to campus his presence was disruptive and distracting to those of us who were trying to concentrate in class while we could hear him shouting his message from outside. Obviously we all have freedom of speech and his message deserves to be heard, I wish he had thought about the location of his “speaking” and had chosen a different location that was less disruptive to students.

  2. It’s amazing how this article makes Mr. Pulver sound like such a saint, becuase this appear to to be far from the truth. Casting judgments and swearing at students is hardly the type of demeanor that should be praised.

    John 8:7 He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone.

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