Sharing the Gospel at the Mall—with THEIR Blessing!


Thanks to Ray Comfort’s ministry, we found a way to get permission from the mall to hand out tracts! After filling out a 15-page application, the mall itself will set you up with a table, a nice velvet table cloth, and a few chairs!
null Here is the info from the Living Waters Newletter so you can set up your own table: Our local mall allowed a group (including some of our employees) to have a tract table and to witness to people. California law says that they have to.
null It seems strange because several of us have been kicked out of that same mall a number of times for witnessing and giving out tracts. And yet here we were, not only with the mall’s permission, but they supplied us with chairs and a table covered in a black cloth with the mall’s name on it. Hundreds of people took tracts and were witnessed to at the table. Perhaps your mall is also legally bound to allow you to do this.


  1. It’s the September 2006 wotm newsletter specifically.

    Does anyone have more information regarding other states rights on literature tables?


  2. Wow, this sounds amazing!

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