Lost Liberties: Men Re-charged for Passing Out Bibles


null After agreeing to dismiss trespassing charges against two members of the Gideons International missionary organization for handing out Bibles on a sidewalk earlier this year, the State of Florida has now charged the men under a different statute for that same incident.

The attorney feels the state’s actions border on religious persecution. “The First Amendment obviously protects the rights of individuals to engage in speech on a public sidewalk,” he says. “So the question is, why is the State of Florida prosecuting two Gideons for handing out Bibles on a public sidewalk?”
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  1. I am a Gideon in the south bay group. We pass out bibles twice a month at the schools in the south bay and surrounding area’s. Last Wednesday our team of 8 passed out just under 1300 bibles to kids at Fleming Middle School in Lomita. When the bell rings and the kids pour out of the school by the hundreds, it is amazing how fast you can pass out 200+ bibles! Anyway, there was a teacher that came out from the school and complained that we were not doing the right thing by giving kids bibles. The teacher said he was a Christian, and that what we were doing was, “ruining his witness” at the school. My first thought was that his “witness” needed to be ruined. But we do our best to get along with the school leaders when they try to disrupt us. Pray for us! We are putting out alot of scripture and the enemy really fights us every year through various people at these schools.

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