Seized Million Update


This is from agape
…A federal judge in Dallas has rejected a request from a Christian ministry to have thousands of gospel tracts returned after they were confiscated by U.S. Secret Service agents. The tracts, which are designed to look like a million-dollar bill, were seized on June 2 from the headquarters of the Texas-based Great News Network. Although million-dollar bills do not exist, the judge said the tracts are not “sufficiently distinct” from actual currency and rejected a request for a preliminary injunction. Brian Fahling is an attorney with the Center for Law & Policy, which is representing the Great News Network. Fahling says the judge’s ruling will be appealed to the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. He explains courts have sometimes imposed a “similitude test” in cases like this. “Essentially it says if the reasonable person, exercising ordinary care, after examining these tracts would think that they were real, legitimate currency, then of course you fall under the coverage of the statute,” says the attorney. “And the courts also say one way that a person of ordinary care couldn’t conclude that is if there are sufficient disqualifying marks on the bill.” The “million-dollar tract,” he says, has such markings. “Disqualifying marks are things like ‘This bill is not legal tender’ — [and in this case] the ‘million-dollar question’ that is asked on the back of our bill.” The tracts are produced by California-based Living Waters Ministry. Evangelist Ray Comfort says the ministry has been swamped with requests for the gospel tracts since the Secret Service investigation became public. [Allie Martin]


  1. I think this is really great! The longer they “hold” the bills (seemingly) the more attention it WILL draw to them, the more people will desire to have one (to see for themselves) and thus, to the non-believer, the seed is planted. After all, how many people really rip up a million dollar bill? (some do… I’ve read, but most wont. Give a regular trac to someone and it may just fall to the groung. Give a million dollar bill, even on a subconscious level, who would drop it? And to the believers, yet another opportunity. I just bought 40 million myself. My first give-away? I’m taking one to work and will be showing it to half of the people I come across (the other half, will eventually come ask me to see it… wall-ah). GB.

  2. It’s amazing how God works thru these foolish things!

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