Scary Krishnas


Just up the block on the 3rd St. Promenade, where the 16th Ambassadors’ Academy was taking place, we saw them. Whirling, jumping, bobbing. Bald heads bouncing,  pony tails-a-whisking…the Hari Krishnas were here!

In most cases, people would see the kookoo Krishna commotion and give them a wide birth; but this was an evangelism training Academy. We came to herald the Gospel.

What if  I preached the Prince of Peace from a perch on the Promenade to the happy hopping throng banging away on their tablas, tavils and dolaks? Would they attack? Would voices become one with the Vishnubirdonyou, shouting me down in a unified pyre of anger? Has such a thing ever been tried before?

A challenge presented itself. Then the miracle of 3rd Street happened.

This isn’t done for fun. Our preaching isn’t for the thrill of the action. It’s serious business. Devotees of this cult see themselves as monotheists who worship the Supreme Godhead in the personality of Krishna. They also believe that everyone is living in an evil age, the age of Kali, but can attain salvation and a “return to Godhead” by means of permanent Krishna-consciousness. Krishna-consciousness can be accomplished through ethical living and the “Hare Krishna” chant.

In other words, if they are good enough and do the right things, they will be saved.

As one of their own religious texts, the Padma Purana states:

All the grievous sins are removed
for one who worships Lord Sri Hari,
the Lord of all lords,
and chants the holy name,
the Maha-mantra.

As I preached the One True God’s standard of righteousness, as I preached from His Moral Law, the 10 Commandments, the music faded. When I warned that one lie makes a liar, one theft a thief, one lustful look adultery, things changed.

One by one, the dancers stopped dancing, the whirlers ceased whirling.

I preached Christ crucified, repentance, and forgiveness of sins in His name. His death, burial and resurrection were shouted loud and clear.

The Hare Krishnas, heads down, shoulders slumping, packed up…and left.

We searched the entire Promenade but found not a sign of the Krishnas.

When the Word of God is preached, darkness flees.

Where did these poor souls go? Were they turned into powder and scattered among the four winds? I doubt it.

You’ll see them again. And soon!

Most likely when you are running late and ready to miss your flight. 

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  1. Sounds like the Hare Krishna people were being…


  2. Awesome!!! I was once open-air preaching at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas (my hometown) and had a Hare Krishna start witnessing too me. Once I tried to hand him a tract that caused him to flee. What surprised me though at one point he handed me one of their big thick books and told me,”I’ll be right back I’ve got to go over there and talk to those people. I have got to get the message out.” This just floored me and God used it to convicted me. This man was on fire for a lie and here I was scared to get up and preach the truth of the Gospel. He came back over to me and that is when I tried to witness to him and he took off. After he left it took me maybe ten minutes before I finally stood up and preached the Gospel open-air. I saw the Hare Krishna (there was at least one other with him) again as I was open-airing for just a moment, but he hit the road and I never saw him again. The light expels the darkness! Praise God!!!

  3. You seriously were so desperate for persecution you had to turn to THEM?

    Really reaching here, Steve.

  4. Keep preaching Steve! And i love that 3rd paragraph lol.

  5. Hey, I recognize that photo! 🙂 I have some video footage of it too … though I haven’t gotten to it yet. I will see if it is any good and if so, I will upload it to YouTube.

    It was definitely an awesome experience watching you preach Christ crucified, Steve! Bless you, brother!

  6. Stone the Krishna Blog June 17th.

    “Had some cool persecution today, we must be doing the right thing, since we aren’t an argumentative bunch we just let the blow hard be.

    Hare Krishna”

  7. Cool post Steve. It is amazing to see how the law affects people. Keep up the good work.


  8. We no more persecuted the Hare Krishnas than they were persecuting us. They were vocally sharing their beliefs with song and dance, and so was Steve. If our preaching was persecution, then their demonstration was persecution of us. Of course, neither one of us was doing any such thing.

  9. The miracle of 3rd street?
    You made some Hare Krishnas leave?
    Our God is a mighty God! Hallelujah!

  10. Greeting Brother Steve,

    Enjoyed reading your article on the Hare Krishnas, great stuff. I’ve done a lot of preaching at the University of Texas campus in Austin where many religions set up tables on the west mall of the campus to proselytize students. One day I confronted the Jehovah’s Witnesses there about the false prophecies & doctrines within their own books (I brought a backpack filled with 100 year old Watchtower publications) & I would say within 30 minutes or so the JWs packed up their table & magazines & left the campus. I then got to preach to all the students who had gathered around. Check out our “Satan in Your Nose & Other Muslim Teachings” video posted on YOUTUBE (or see our CANSWERSTV YOUTUBE account) where we theologically battle a group of Muslim students on campus who did not like us preaching that Jesus is the “Son of God.” Blessings to you & your ministry.

  11. Larry – Praise God, very encouraging!!! I was able to witness to a JW over the phone for a long period of time. We would talk once a week over the phone. God really used that time to strengthen my faith in him. He evenchally hit the road and I have never heard from him since Feb. ’10. Awesome to hear about your encounter with the JW’s and the Muslims. May God continue to use you!

    God bless you brother!


  12. I’m encouraged by all your testimonies! Keep getting the Word out!

  13. So one group of superstitious clods scares off another group of superstitious clods. So what?

    I’ve seen how obnoxious you street preachers and krishna kooks can be. The only difference is the words that are said and the wardrobe, really.

    A real “miracle” would have been if you’d converted one of those guys instead of just being so annoying that they decided to leave.

  14. “Devotees of this cult see themselves as monotheists who worship the Supreme Godhead in the personality of Krishna. They also believe that everyone is living in an evil age, the age of Kali, but can attain salvation and a “return to Godhead” by means of permanent Krishna-consciousness. Krishna-consciousness can be accomplished through ethical living and the “Hare Krishna” chant.”

    This sounds like the real thing to me, much more convincing than that Jesus stuff. Where can I sign up? And God bless you for spreading the message.

  15. And somehow you’re proud of this (assuming your story is true)? I think some details might have been left out.

    People talking in a normal voice normally wouldn’t be heard by a dancing, chanting group. You’re sure you weren’t, say, shouting? Or did you shoulder your way into the group?

    Why does breaking up someone else’s worship seem like a good thing to do? You know, here in America, we’re supposed to be tolerant of other cultures. Personally, I’m proud to be an American. I’m sorry you don’t have any respect for the ideals our country was built on.

  16. But seriously? You think that this is an appropriate way to act? You find somebody performing their own acts of worship, but to a different god than yours, and you can feel free to disrupt them? How does that show respect for other people?

    Is that how you think responsible adults behave in a civilized society?

    And if so, then I suppose that people from other religions should feel free to break up yours? For example, a large collection of Hare Krishna’s should be allowed to march down the middle aisle in the middle of a baptism, singing and chanting so loud that you can’t hear the priest? A bunch of Muslims should feel free to disrupt a wedding by loudly praying and preaching about what a sinner you are for ignoring Allah?

    After all, they believe that their religion is the correct one, too. Why do you get special dispensation, but they don’t?

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