Rose Parade: What You Didn’t See on T.V.!


The most important story behind The Tournament of Roses Parade wasn’t even shown on the major media outlets. Was it a hidden government agenda? An anti-Christian conspiracy… or worse? I don’t exactly know; but of this I was sure: the networks missed all the action when 25 evangelists hit Colorado Blvd. early in the morning on January 1, 2009.

Your local station missed the now-annual New Year’s tradition, started way back in 2008:Preaching at the Porta-Potties.

They didn’t show you the over 17,000 people who happily took our Gospel tracts.

Nor did they want the television viewers at home to know that kids can get the Gospel too, by reading the back of a cleverly designed $100 bill..

The media moguls refused to show you the Hare Krishnas happily beating upon their tamblas, guunuus, and mahahas while receiving Christian literature.

Or are they Hareless Krishnas?

No. The television stations would rather focus on the floats.
Keep that religious stuff out of here, please.

4 1/2 miles up from where the parade started, miles ahead of the televised portion of the parade, something was going on: A few Christians took advantage of all the people gathered on the Boulevard, all those lost souls oblivious of the wrath to come, and actually preached that they had broken God’s Moral Law and would be found guilty on Judgment Day.

People cheerfully admitted with nods of approval that they had lied; they raised their hands heartily when asked if they had ever stolen anything; and they all agreed that they deserved Hell for their cosmic treason against a holy God.

When the crowds were told that the only way to be saved was through repentance and trust in Jesus, that’s when the booing started, but they weren’t necessarily booing us. They were booing these guys.

Atheists? Anarchists? We asked the same thing. No. They called themselves Christians. Of course, they said that they belonged to the one true church. Go figure. All  along Colorado Blvd. people booed these crazies. When they were out of sight the crowds cheered.

Then the attention shifted back to us. Some applauded our efforts while still others tried to drown us out with cheap plastic horns sold by sidewalk vendors.

Still, the Gospel was preached—on both sides of the street!

I’ll bet you didn’t see that on T.V..

Nor did they show you the man who made bunny ears behind my head. Nor did they want you to see the guy who threw a cache of million dollar bill Gospel tracts over my head. And they certainly didn’t televise the man who stood next to me and heckled, mocking my words with his fingers next to my head.

I remembered that proverb of yesteryear: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. So I stretched out my arm and hugged my heckler.

I’ll bet you didn’t see that on T.V. either.

Next on Part 2: Cloris Leachman gets a tract; Ronald McDonald gets irritated.Click here!


  1. Great report & pics! Funny, I didn’t see any of this on tv. All I saw were floats and bands. Go figure!

  2. WOW! Thanks for that informative update Steve. We are all amazed at the work you are doing and the lives being reached; the numbers are HUGE. Keep on making those announcements at services via Zac to promote training of evangelists. I’ve been handing out lots of tracks but I’ve yet to hand any to actual movie stars. Can’t wait for Part 2 of your Rose Bowl experience, especially Ronald McDonald getting irritated I think that is sooo cool. Thanks again Pastor Steve! God Bless You Greatly and Protect You Always.

  3. Be encouraged. . .and so thank God for your labors.

  4. You are an inspiration, Pastor Steve! Loved reading about your adventures at the Rose Parade, and seeing all the pictures. It was better than TV, which we don’t watch anyway. 🙂
    Praise God for the gospel going forth to the masses.

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