“Righteous Richard’s” Year End DMV Stats

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In the past year that “Righteous Richard” has been preaching at the Department of Motor Vehicles in Hawthorne, Ca., he has gathered these statistics (he’s a bit of a detail guy):

Preached 82 times
Handed out 5,037 tracts
Had a total audience of 3,536 hearers.

Richard reaches more sinners in one day with the biblical Gospel than most mega-churches do in one year!

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One Comment

  1. You could add that he “spawned” at least 2 others to follow suit, myself and then another brother found out I was doing it, and joined in my next time there @ Hawthorne – that’s my biggest thrill – above and beyond the awesome-ness of preaching OA, but to inspire someone ELSE ? Wow ….

    I love the way Richard combines sincerity, compassion, humility and boldness all in one package – all in his tone of voice, body language … he’s a tremendous blessing to the Kingdom of God ! I never would’ve done it myself if not for him, so I praise God for Righteous Richard !!!

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