New Evangelism Class Starts January 22!


Mark your calendars.

If you’ve always wanted to be a bold witness for Christ…

If you’ve always thought that evangelizing was only for those who had “The Gift”…

If you want to learn the “The Secret” of the lost key that is guaranteed to unlock the heart of the most hardened sinner…

If you want to get away from the boring, humdrum life of the average Christian…


Now into our fourth year, I will be teaching the first evangelism class of 2009, “Sharing Your Faith Without Fear.”

  • When: Thursday, January 22- February 26, from 7pm to 9pm.
  • Where: Hope Chapel
    2420 Pacific Coast Hwy
    Hermosa Beach, Ca.
  • Cost: $10.00. Includes The Way of the Master book, Hell’s Best Kept Secret CD and True and False Conversions CD, plus all materials and all Gospel tracts.

If you live in the area—or out of it—please consider attending.

Please watch this video to whet your appetite:


  1. I would love to have a class in the Lake Jackson / Houston Texas area. I have to say to those who are considering this class “do not let this oppertunity go by”. I think you will grow more than you think.
    What a blessing and encourgment this site has been to me. This is my home page.
    Thank You for all you do.

  2. Thanks James.

    I appreciate your encouragement.

    I will have my six week teaching available for free in February if you are interested.

    Keep preaching!

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