“Righteous Richard’s” November Report


By “Righteous Richard” Chavarria

I preached 11 times to 260 people standing in line at the Hawthorne DMV in the month of November and handed out 615 Gospel tracts. I hope to do better in December.
null I’ve investigated another location: the Inglewood DMV. There are two entrances; one entrance is just off the public sidewalk. I passed out about 30 tracts at this location and then went inside to speak with the Manager; her name is Kathy Myles and she said that we would have to get a permit from Sacramento. She also said that anything done on DMV property has to have a permit. I asked about preaching from the sidewalk and she warned me that if they received complaints from people getting offended or if I’m blocking the sidewalk, then the California Highway Patrol would be called. I asked about my First Amendment right to free speech while on the city sidewalk. She smiled.

Nothing new, right?


  1. This Canadian is guessing “DMV” is American for “Department of Motor Vehicles”. I am guessing, too, that people renewing their driver’s license stand outside in long lineups waiting to get in. That must be a California tradition. Up here, in the real world, we have this thing. It’s called: ‘weather’. And the weather is cold from Thanksgiving to Easter. So no outdoor lineups. All are inside. So you have an edge in being able to preach outdoors year round.

    And good on you! I am sure more people are hearing the TRUE gospel in a month than the thousands that flock to these “seeker-friendly” type churches within the same area where you live. God bless you. Stay warm!

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