Boys in the Hood


I met Mike and Ish while taking a team on the Redondo Beach pier. We had handed them both a million dollar bill Gospel tract—and found out that they, too, were handing out tracts from Way of the Master!
null They have a ministry that I want nothing to do with (except to pray for their efforts). They go out into the hood after dark dressed in their “colors” and target gang members with the Gospel. Their team name, “Martyrs,” emblazoned on the front of their shirts, “is derived from Acts 1:8 and is used by our team to recognize all persecuted believers, past, present and future” says Ish.
null They also go out at 3am with another team, led by a former prostiute and pimp—saved now—and witness to streetwalkers and their bosses. One time, while speaking to a working girl in front of an apartment complex, they found themselves surrounded by her “family” of about 30 bangers.
null Mike and Ish showed their backsides that declare they are “Trained to serve Jesus.” The gang then dropped their guard and listened to the message of hope.

On another occasion, a police officer shouted to Ish to “Drop that bag of money!” which, of course, was filled with Million dollar bill Gospel tracts. They get stopped—and searched—frequently.

They have just recently decided to join our church.
null I’m excited to see what God is going to do through them as they reach out to a whole segment of people who would never listen to a white, middle-aged guy like me.

I’m down with that, bro!

See what I mean?


  1. I’m floored. That is totally awesome!! Praise God for these two men, and my God protect them! We need more like them – proclaiming Truth to the lost!

  2. I meant “may God protect them” but he is my God nonetheless 🙂

  3. These are the kind of guys you WANT to bump into if you ever found yourself in a dark alley at night. And these guys purposely hang out in the shadows. What for? And for who? We know why. To do what some of us only dare to do during the day: to seek and save the lost.

    But throughout the night in the city? Talk about conviction! Talk about courage! Just so they could talk about God to the likes normally not seen around in the daytime. Truly amazing! Yes, praise God and pray to God for them. Unlike us, His Spirit never sleeps.

  4. This is such a mind-blower! God is so outrageous! Welcome to our church, men of the most high God! 😀

  5. This is really inspiring. It is touching how gang members will listen when they hear the message about Jesus but the police officers wouldn’t. Thank you for what you do Mike and Ish.

  6. Good morning Steve,
    Could you tell me where these men are now in the end of 2012, are they still members of your Church? Are they on your evangelism team?

    Thanks Much,

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