Not since the hanging chad incident at the 2000 Presidential election has there been such tragic confusion….

Last Thursday I reported that the “Top of the Class” winner of our latest evangelism training was Timothy Johnson, the fraternal twin brother of Peter Johnson, who won a brutal sharing-of-the-faith competition over Peter by two points. Their scores were 168 to 166 respectively, allowing Timothy to walk away with the coveted Veg-O-Matic (which of course breaks the 10th Commandment).
But a recount was made by… Dad!

Their father called the other day and set the record straight: After re-tallying the points in the contest, he found out that both brothers earned—168 points. A tie!

So a belated congatulations to Peter—and Timothy—for doing the work of an evangelist. (Now don’t fight over the use of your shared Veg-O-Matic. There are plenty of sliced and diced potatoes to go around.)


  1. Peaceful compromise in the twins having to share ONE Veg-O-Matic: one dices, the other slices. Ta-daaaa! (Some call me “genius”.)

    I wonder if things would have turned out differently if Jacob and Essau had one of these beauties. 🙂

  2. Salvation for $200, Alex – yay for 1 point!
    My Evangie Tale after your class tonight

    Dear Pastor Steve,
    This is an evangie tale and I did not know where to put it on your site. I hope this is the correct place. Tonight I began your evangelism class and as I was leaving Hope I decided to stop in the 7-11 for a drink – aka “no one was at the gas station”. I was standing next to the man purchasing at the counter (I had walked in with my CC and a gospel bill only) and went up to the guy next to me and said “did you get one of these?” he said “no thanks!” I said ok and left it at that remembering that you said he is not turning away Jesus himself, but the tract.

    The counter attendant commented about it being a lot of money, and the guy said “well I would take it if it was real, I wish it was!” while walking out the door. Instead I said to the attendant, what a shame that the guy was missing out and would he like to take it instead as a gift from me, and he took it from me! I began talking to him about God and my current situation and the classes I am taking and he said I do not seem shy to him at all and that I should get myself on a microphone. LOL. I told him to have a wonderful night and possible salvation!

    Thanks for letting me share mine.

  3. …actually this turns out to be 4 points! I just read the paragraph rule. 😛

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