Not since the hanging chad incident at the 2000 Presidential election has there been such tragic confusion….

Last Thursday I reported that the “Top of the Class” winner of our latest evangelism training was Timothy Johnson, the fraternal twin brother of Peter Johnson, who won a brutal sharing-of-the-faith competition over Peter by two points. Their scores were 168 to 166 respectively, allowing Timothy to walk away with the coveted Veg-O-Matic (which of course breaks the 10th Commandment).
But a recount was made by… Dad!

Their father called the other day and set the record straight: After re-tallying the points in the contest, he found out that both brothers earned—168 points. A tie!

So a belated congatulations to Peter—and Timothy—for doing the work of an evangelist. (Now don’t fight over the use of your shared Veg-O-Matic. There are plenty of sliced and diced potatoes to go around.)


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