Reaching the “Black, Gay, and Here to Stay” Group


Some groups are more difficult to reach than others with the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. If I were to stand in the midst of this “Black and gay and here to stay” crowd and preach the good news of how they can be saved from Hell by trusting in Christ and repenting of their sins, I’d probably be shouted down. Most Christians do not show God’s love to this community very often so they don’t trust us.

But, if I can get gospel tracts into the hands of these people for whom Christ died for, and they read the message and believe, they may repent and turn from death to life.

Of course, we used this tract (which everyone loved—until they read it):

Look how easy it is to “invade a parade” with this one minute video!

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  1. If adultery is a sin, why did God make me a (former) adulterer.

    • Regardless of how you choose to view it, repentance and faith are necessary for regeneration.

    • Steve, are you able to point out distinctive characteristics that make you different from the “normal” male, that led to your adultery?

      Because scientists are finding chemical and structural differences between gay men and straight men.

    • Sorry, that should read “…between the brains of gay men and straight men.”

    • Jim,

      There’s such a thing as celibacy. Not everyone has to be married, and having relations with another human is not required. If someone has that tendency, they do not have to act on it. I am required every day to put away my desires and do what God would have me to do; everyone struggles with something that must be denied.

      For some it’s food; for others it’s sex. Regardless of your position, ACTING on any impulse is a choice.

    • A biological impulse doesn’t make it right. The question is whether or not this impulse is at all harmful to others. When applying the same standards to homosexual relationships as to heterosexual ones, I feel that it isn’t.

      And it turns out that behind “Cause God sez so.” Christians really can’t explain why same-sex relationships are a bad thing.

  2. “Most Christians do not show God’s love to this community very often so they don’t trust us.”

    Actually, Steve, I think the whole homophobia thing MIGHT be the reason. Just a wild shot in the dark.

    • I don’t want to paint with a broad brush, but studies have shown that there is a relationship between homophobia and attraction to the same sex.

    • I don’t want to paint with a broad brush either but studies have shown that atheists are very unhappy people. Some experts somewhere believe that atheists are one of the unhappiest groups in the world.

      Atheists find happiness… find Jesus!


    • Garrett; Carl; what studies? Citations please.

    • Carl your a funny guy. Did you know studies have also shown a relationship between fundamental religious practices and lower IQ scores.

      ~Food for thought.

    • Ooh, too bad that’s not true, carl. If it were, then the ten unhappiest countries would be a bit less religious than roughly 80% Christian or Muslim. They’d be majority of non-religious folk, right? And yet that’s not the case.

      To be fair, the happiest countries seem to be have solid religious majorities too. Maybe religious belief isn’t a good indicator of happiness?

      Or maybe you’re trying to change the subject away from the uncomfortable discussion of homophobes having a high tendency of being closeted gays?

    • Really? says:
      January 22, 2012 at 10:27 pm
      Carl your a funny guy. Did you know studies have also shown a relationship between fundamental religious practices and lower IQ scores.

      ~Food for thought.


      Well thanks for the compliment. I try to be funny.

      I think it is a little ironic that you are talking about fundamentalists having low IQ scores but in your above comment you don’t seem to know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. “Your” is a second person possessive personal pronoun. “You’re” is a contraction of “you are”.

      I think you meant to write “Carl you’re (you are) a funny guy.

      ~Food for thought

    • Carl I apologize for my spelling mistake, as I am typing from a touch screen device which has auto-correct. Congratulations you have effectively distracted people through your use of Ad Hominem arguments.

      However, my original point still stands: Studies show that fundamentalist religious people have lower IQ’s.

  3. I am curious Steve, if you had two men or two women in a monogomous, same sex marriage, would you still disapprove?

    • Steve has repeatedly come out against same-sex marriage.

      • Repeatedly? Hmmm… not sure about that one. Got any proof?

      • Steve, you state multiple times in a post back in August 2010 about how marriage is between a man and woman. I’m sure we can go to other posts and find similar statements. You called the Walker decision regarding Prop 8 “disastrous” and “disappointing.”

        Why would even try to contest this? Have you had a change of heart on the issue since then? Because feel free to correct me and set the record straight, but I don’t think I’m to say that you’re against gay marriage.

      • Yep. I’m against gay marriage, Garrett. That is correct.

      • Steve, why are you against gay marriage? Because of a “holy” book.

        Well listen here I am for the subjugation of women because it says so in another “holy” book.

        Based on that logic that i have presented you actually have no valid reason to be homophobic.

        I am sorry; your argument is invalid.

      • Really:

        Steve didn’t make any argument. He made a statement that he is “against gay marriage.” A statement is not an argument. You tried to make an argument on his behalf by making assumptions on why he holds certain opinions. Not only is your comment convoluted but you even failed to make a valid argument of your own. I declare, “failed point making” on you and that you just got what they call in formal logic “modus pwnens”.


      • I made valid assumptions based on evidence that does exist:

        Steve is against homosexual marriage; there must be a reason present to be against something.

        Steve is a fundamentalist; from my experience most fundamentalists say homosexual marriage is a sin according to the bible, an abomination towards God.

        I think most people would agree those two assumptions, if you wish to call them that, are completely valid, and more than likely true.

        And based on what Steve more than likely believes I made it invalid based on an argument I formulated against it.

  4. Awesome evangelism video…especially seeing the little boy come up to you in the Tennessee Vols hat! Go Vols! Tennessee Vols fans need Jesus too!

  5. Great video Pastor Steve! Praise God!!!

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