Ray Comfort is a Terrorist!


This well-meaning atheist thought he was doing a great disservice to the cause of Christianity by assembling this 4 minute video, when in fact, he has done the exact opposite. Can you figure out why?


  1. Sounds like pride, looks like pride. It must be pride.

    Really he has set his own standard based on looking at himself instead of God’s Standard. Typical stuff.

    But you are right about him only helping b/c someone will watch it and hear the message.

  2. Doncha just love dem atheists?

  3. Not a very smart atheist, he just put the Word of God right in front of his atheist friends, and since the Word of God will not return void, he will be indirectly responsible for the salvation of some of them. Oops! 😎

    He pretty much laid it out exactly like Ray would, or I would: you can believe what God’s Word says about your sins or somebody who goes by the name “Infidel”. Hmm, tough call… not.

  4. Duh, he provided a really good presentation of the Gospel. Eve his own words were a great example of the truth.

  5. I logged onto YouTube and thanked the guy for posting such an informative video for a group that may never hear the gospel any other way.

    BTW, there were a lot of comments from others doing the same thing.

  6. Wow, talk about an atheist presenting the Gospel, I didn’t know it could be done…(sarcasm). but really, Ray as a terrorist made me laugh out loud, I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything. I’ve heard a lot of things tossed at Ray, hadn’t heard this one…yet.

    I guess that guy was really afaid or something, perhaps he got convicted and felt some type of fear. I dunno.

    Praise God, nevertheless!!

  7. Yeah, I wanted to scream at the video: “Ray didn’t call you those things, the Word of God calls you those things.” Sounds like someone has a guilty conscience, literally!

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  9. I think Ray is right on some can’t handle the truth, it hurts I know I’m one

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