Quote of the Week: The Great Excuse


“Uh, Steve…It’s cold and windy and rainy. You sure you want to go out today?”

—What one of my evangelism leaders said to me on the phone before leaving his house to go to El Camino college where we share our faith weekly.

I answered him, “What do mailmen do? Are mailmen more committed than us?”

I then drove my car on the freeway—in the rain—and parked my car across the street from the college—in the rain—readying myself for some committed evangelism. I hesitated and called up my reluctant leader on my cell phone. When he answered I shouted, “Abort! Abort! It’s raining. I think we should call it off for today.”

“What do you mean call it off?” he asked incredulously. “We are on campus and handing out lots of Gospel tracts!”

I crossed the street to the school where we all shared our faith for a good ninety minutes under clear skies.


  1. I knew you could do it!!

  2. In season and out of season…even in the rainy seasons. Good news triumphs even in the most adverse conditions. Blessings Steve.

  3. we passed out some tracts at our garage sale and will do again tomorrow for garage sale part 2!

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