Pt. 4: The 12-Step Program for Parades


The problem with the police can be blamed on Little Mike. He wasn’t aware of the trouble he caused. And we can’t tell him a thing because he won’t listen to a word; all he does is mouth off… He also comes from a family of trouble-makers:
(Ya gotta read the first parts of this story by starting here!)

His cousin attracted unwanted attention at a USC game in 2007.

His distant relative, Big Bertha, also got her fair share of ugly publicity at yet another USC game this year.

Little Mike so irritated this burly dude we expected a belly bounce at any moment.

Now it was Little Mike’s turn to share the scorn and ire of the LAPD. It wasn’t his fault, really, he just doesn’t know any better.

He just does what he does best: make loud voices louder!

And there lies the rub. At the Hollywood Santa Parade we wanted the crowd to hear us loud and clear.

There was only one problem: What the spectators hear, the police can hear as well. There was nothing illegal about our activities, preaching to a crowd before the parade, it’s just that when you use a sound system, all the focus of law enforcement goes directly to that squeaky wheel.

Step 8: You may not want to use amplification. Straight open air preaching ala Whitefield or Wesley requires fortitude and lungs. You may not reach as many people in one sitting, standing, but you will also lessen the presence of men with badges…

…which frees them to catch the really bad guys.

Click here for part 5: What to do when the parade starts. If you have the guts to do this, you might reach hundreds of thousands—even millions—around the world!


  1. just gotta jump in here. you make my day. i don’t watch much t.v. yet i can hardly wait on what lies next on your site. i am not a desperate housewife but i am beginning to think i’m a desperate streetevangelist.

    a day without “stone the preacher” is like a day without sunshine =D.

  2. Wow, Dede. That’s very nice. Thank you for the encouragement.

    I am blessed to write about these adventures and exercise my funny bone at the same time.

  3. We’re not hooked on TV because we are not hooked up to TV. But who needs TV unless ‘Stone the Preacher’ becomes a reality TV show itself?

    Great series, Steve.

  4. I’m with you Dede, can’t wait to get the next street-evangelism adventure.

    The days are cold here in southern Illinois; reading evtales and the lawman chronicles lets my mind wonder back to those memories of California. Hope to make it back next year.

    God bless you Steve.

    I would like to get an equipment list of your OA rig, looks like Big Bertha packs a mean punch!!

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