Preaching to the Police



(This is a wonderful testimony about how God is showing His favor as we preach the Gospel in unconventional places. Tatsuo has been preaching nearly everyday at our local Social Security since starting last year. On Thursday, you will read about how Tatsuo was surrounded by the police at the 3rd St. Promenade in Santa Monica.)

As I approached my preaching point at the Torrance Social Security Office, the Torrance P.D. was already waiting for me. I knew they were called out because of my open air preaching. The officer walked towards me and asked me if I was Mr. Akamine. I answered, “Yes, I am.”
He knew that I was familiar with my First Amendment Rights which I had rehearsed to him. In addition, I asked the officer if he would like to stay and listen to my sermon. He accepted the offer and listened intently as I preached my message; I knew it was convicting him as well. After I finished I stepped down from my portable stand and said, “Well, that’s it Officer.”Moments later his Supervisor approached us; he also knew me. They both had a look that said: “I find no fault in him.” They let me go.

Most of the Torrance Police know of the airmen as a result of these encounters.

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