Preaching at the Golden Dragon Parade


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The Golden Dragon Parade in Chinatown had an estimated 110,000 people on the streets just waiting for someone to bring good news. I was able to preach numerous times to the crowds in many different areas of the parade route—but not without some trouble, inconvenience and hardship. Tomorrow you can read about those encounters, but right now, watch this 4 minute sermonette when it actually went right. Sort of. You’ll notice a few police skulking around the edges of the screen as I preached; I had to make it short, knowing that I could be shut down at any moment.

(Click the screen twice to go to YouTube where you can watch an HD version of this. It looks so much better.)

***Read about how things went wrong on part 3, here!***


  1. Howdy, my brothers and sisters in the Lord. Has anyone ever had an opportunity to preach the law and gospel at a funeral reception/gathering following the interment ceremonies?

    I give all glory and praise to Almighty God for giving me the boldness and courage to do so at my late Uncle Richard Delfino Mugica’s funeral.

    And you know I couldn’t have done such a thing without the fine training I have received going out with the Hope Chapel evangelism team. While it can be said here that my brother Val Scott and I originated the stop light preaching, Pastor Steve perfected it and over the years I’ve gotten better and better under his tutelage.

    Yesterday, folks (there were 200 people in attendance) were asked to give testimonies concerning my Uncle’s life. And here is where the training comes in. I stood up, with mike, in hand and I started off giving God the glory for giving my uncle time to consider his standing before the Lord. Thankfully, he made a profession for Christ prior to leaving this life. (like my sister Anna J. likes to say…”when you have a long term illness God gets your attention..”) I indicated that there is no better comfort for his family, than to know that Jesus was his Lord and Savior and this assurance is promised to all who believe. I then preached a short 3-5 minute law and gospel and closed by asking everyone to get right with God and to read their Bibles daily and obey what they read.

    Please preach the Law and Gospel at my funeral. And take all the time you need. And to God be the Glory and Honor forever.

    Planting seeds and God does the Saving,


  2. Awesome RR! You could not ask for a better opportunity to give the gospel. Very encouraging. Praise be to God!

  3. I love watching all these preaching video’s. It kind of reminds me of Keith Green’s song “Asleep in the Light.”

    Most people are sleeping in the light, but not Steve. Keep up the good work, I can’t wait to see some more open air videos.

  4. wow that’s amazing fantastic when my sister saw it she’s look it very interesting.

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