Police Intervention


It was game 7 of the NBA Finals, Lakers Vs. Celtics, and here was the million dollar question: “If you died today, would you go to Lakers Heaven or Boston Hell?”

The evangelism team had preached everywhere on the property of the STAPLES Center with no interference whatsoever (click here to see). That is, until an overzealous officer from the LAPD told me I couldn’t preach using a sound system. I gently protested: “You are the first one, after all these guys [referring to the other officers of L.A.’s finest], who said we couldn’t do that. You’re the first one after all these guys….” The officer replied with a smile, “Someone has to step up.”

What’s an evangelist to do? Comply, of course. The guy with the gun always wins (see my article here). I continued to preach using only my voice. You determine which was the more peaceful method.

(Thanks to Chris Yarsab, who, unbeknown to be, recorded the whole thing.)


  1. I was there. You could hear Steve louder AFTER he put down the microphone. The Gospel WILL be preached!

  2. Pastor Steve, God bless you brother!!! You are such a model in what it means to be an evangelist. Your boldness, your faithfulness, your passion and your love is so evident as a Ambassador for Jesus. God bless you Pastor Steve and I pray that I will get to go out witnessing with you again someday!


  3. It was an honor to stand along side you and for you to encourage me as well. It’s unfortunate that I missed the July 7th class. I got a Droid phone so I should be able to stay up-to-date and keep track of commitments. God has chosen the foolish and the weak. We are proof of that! God be with you brother! Until the Lord’s nets are full, lets keep fishing.

  4. Steve, as we used to say in college, “You’re a machine”. lol Keep preaching it boldly !

  5. Lakers heaven or Celtics hell? C’mon Steve, that is the gospel? Cheering for your team? Preach the Kingdom of God brother, Christ and Him crucified, sin, righteousness, and judgment to come. You need a big banner brother!

    God bless you.

  6. Way to prime those pipes, Steve!
    Glory to God!

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