Destinations: Hawthorne Car Show


This is a new adventure. I heard from a car show enthusiast who attended last year’s event that tens of thousands of people milled about (see the video ad from last year). Sponsored by Teen Challenge, this car show’s motto is “Takin’ it to the Street.” We will do the same, sharing our faith with tracts, talking one-to-one, and by preaching in the open air.

To carpool, meet at Hope Chapel at a SPECIAL TIME: 9AM (The show is from 10AM-3PM).


  1. I love taking a group to the car shows in our home town area. We have one every third Saturday.

    The people are a little more laid back and we always have great conversations!

  2. Teen Challenge rocks! Founded by one of my favorite preachers, whom I am currently reading his book, Hungry for Jesus, Pastor David Wilkerson.(The Cross and Switchblade preacher). Have fun sharing Jesus.

  3. I have a complaint. This event was way too easy. We preached, we passed out thousands of tracts, we had loads of 1-2-1 conversations, and we preached open-air. I pray all who received a tract and heard the word will repent and trust the Savior. I was so encouraged by the over 30 evangelist at the Hawthorne Car Show. Thanks Brother Russell for letting me know about this event.

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