Peet’s Coffee is Better


Peet’s coffee makes Starbucks taste like 7-11 brew.

Also, they don’t have overt false teachings written on their cups like this one I recently read:

“In reality, Hell is not such an intention of God as it is an invention of man. God is love and people are precious. Authentic truth is not so much taught or learned as it is remembered. Somewhere in your pre-incarnate consciousness you were loved absolutely because you were. Loved absolutely, and in reality, you still are! Remember who you are!”

Bishop Carlton Pearson
(author, speaker, spiritual leader and recording artist)


  1. Yeah, I used to believe this way for a few years, till I got back into the WORD. For a while I believed that hell was created by man…. that God put all demons and sinners into a certain place below, and they just turned that place into firey place of torment. Not true. God created the fire and puts the demons and sinners in it. Don’t know how I got the idea that God didn’t create the fire… I think I was looking for an easier way to explain to people about hell without offending them. Plus I was away from my Bible for a while. I think that is what alot of well meaning but false teaching christians are doing when they “water down” hell in their doctrine. It was your class Steve that helped me re-focus on what I believed about hell; and also evangelism.

    Peet’s coffee ROCKS! Need to go back there.


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