Open Air: Isn’t She Lovely?

Stevie Wonder once sang: “Isn’t she loooovely; isn’t she beauuuuutiful?” I wonder if he had our open-air dummy Eutychus’ Sis, in mind?

Doesn’t she look just radiant posing with Craig “The Animal” DeLisle?
null After looking on Ebay and pleading with all my contacts to find a mannequin for our first official open-air preaching engagement at the Redondo Beach Pier, I found her head and torso at a garage sale across the street from my house on the day of the event—and for only ten bucks! After gently sawing off her too-long neck, lovingly fastening a little duct tape, and lots of tender care, we created a Gospel Gal that would make Dr. Frankenstein envious!

We placed her under a sheet in the middle of the pier and attracted lots of curious onlookers.
I’ll tell the full story later. Hint: She was a success!

Why is her name Eutychus’ Sis?

In the book of Acts, there is an account of a young man named Eutychus sitting in the window sill, who was sinking into a deep sleep as the apostle Paul talked on and on about the things of God. When he was sound asleep, he fell to the ground from the third story and was picked up dead. Paul went down, threw himself on the young man and put his arms around him. “Don’t be alarmed,” he said. “He’s alive!” The people took the young man home alive and were greatly comforted.

What’s left out of the account and is written about in highly unreliable sources, is that Eutychus’ sister was outside on the ground below having a cigarette when her brother landed on her…


  1. Oh man, tell me this was not another scare tactic about dieing without christ ?

    Did children see this mock corpse splayed out near the peer ? looking like a crime scene ?

    I feel a rather disturbing story coming on !

  2. Good to see another rational human being among the intellectual dullards that infest this website.

    I would have much more respect for these evangelicals if they would preach the good in the Bible, without their constant threats of eternal damnation in their mythical afterlife.

  3. Like I saw in a movie once, “Honey, you’ll never know how sweet, sweet is until you taste the sour!”

    Basically, if evangelicals never shared the eternal damnation everyone would suffer without Christ, then how good will the “good” news in the Bible be?

    If you’re honest with yourselves, you’ll admit that all the “bad” or hard times in your life is what caused you to be truly thankful for all the “good” things and times in your life.

    Out of love and gratitude from what we’ve been saved from is how we share the “good news”, the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the world.

    I KNOW I’m a wretch and a wicked woman and have done really, really selfish and disgusting things in my life. It’s that thought against a Holy and perfect and pure God who looks at me and still is willing to receive me and adopt me into His family as long as I choose to give up my cesspool of a life and take on the unstained, perfect life of Christ. WOW! What a trade! Jesus willingly sat in the cesspool I made and give me the perfect life He made! THAT’S what makes me so grateful….I KNOW what I’ve been saved from and don’t live in the delusion that somehow I could’ve gotten myself out of the mess I got myself into.