Lost (Losing) Liberties: No Right to Speak Freely


The largest Christian referral network dealing with homosexual issues is voicing opposition to a federal “hate crimes” bill introduced in the House. The legislation, says Exodus International, threatens religious freedom.
null In a report, a spokesman for the National Prayer Network describes the bill as “the most dangerous legislation ever to come before Congress” that “sets us on a slippery slope” toward limiting speech that is offensive to the protected groups.

Randy Thomas, executive vice president of Exodus International, agrees. He says the bill would jeopardize his group’s ability to express its opinions on homosexuality from a biblical viewpoint, and to spread the message that there is freedom from homosexuality through Christ. To read more from One News Now, click here!


  1. It is statements like this

    “Freedom from homosexuality through Christ”

    Which confirms and solidifies my atheism and on occasion turns my mere amusement of fundies into a dislike.

    Look at Pastor Ted Haggard, loved my many, preaching god’s word for many a year whilst all the time hiding his homosexuality from his wife and kids.

    Harpers is quoted “No pastor in America holds more sway over the political direction of evangelicalism than does Pastor Ted.”

    Religion ? Political… keep them apart for they are as bad as each other.

    If christians were more tollerant he could have lived a happy gay life, free from having to take a trophy wife and ruin the lives of his innocent children. The route cause of his deception was his religion.

    Perhaps it’s even deeper than that perhaps the more cynical would say he never believed, he just used the church as a money making exersise and a shield from his true desires.

    I would not say this I would say his frustration led him to be such an evangelical person. To point and judge others always takes the spotlight of yourself. And when you are a homosexual lieing to your wife whilst indulging in meth fueled sex sessions with male hookers. You need to point the spot light 180 degrees in the other direction.

  2. “The route cause of his deception was his religion.”

    I agree. HIS religion.

    There but for the grace of God go I…

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