Open Air: Holy Hubert Lindsey


Many people wonder what impact can be made by someone who preaches to strangers in the open air. Others may wear a furrowed brow when hearing about the “crazy” things that evangelists will do to reach the lost. Holy Hubert was a preacher in the late 1960’s who went onto various campuses to preach Christ to hippies, radical socialists, Satanists, Hare Krishnas, Buddhists, Muslims and Jews; many found Christ as a result of his life and ministry.


I first posted this article about two years ago and have received numerous comments from some of the people who were converted as a result of “Holy Hubert’s” ministry. Please make sure you read those comments after you read this wonderful article about a man who truly had a passion for the lost. The author of this article is unknown so the accuracy of what is said can’t be guaranteed. Also, you may not agree with all of Lindsey’s theological conclusions; still, as an historical article it’s pretty fascinating. “Holy Hubert” died several years ago.


Hubert T. Lindsey is one of the great Holiness preachers of our times.

During sixty years of Ministry he has conducted crusades in over 50 nations, established 12 churches and authored 5 books.

America’s best loved and most hated preacher, 74 yr. old (now 83 in nursing home in Raleigh, NC area) Lindsey is perhaps best known as the father of the Jesus movement that swept America in the late ’60s.

During this time more than 3 and a half-million hippies, radical socialist, Satanists, Hare Krishnas, Buddhists, Muslims and Jews found Christ as a result of Hubert Lindsey’s life and ministry.

Given that nickname “Holy Hubert” by the underground newspapers, Lindsey had been preaching 32 years when God called him to leave his crusade organization and go to America’s radical, seething universities and preached Jesus to the students who were enjoying a prelude to hell.

Violent reaction to Holy Hubert’s bold evangelism put him in the hospital a dozen times at California’s radical Berkeley campus. He was blinded in 1965 during a vicious attack by a mob of protesters. Twice he miraculously regained his sight, but blindness returned 18 years after the attack.

Beatings by the Black Panthers, the Hell’s Angels and the Mansion family are only part of the price Hubert Lindsey has paid for preaching the Gospel to this generation.

Born in Georgia in 1914, Lindsey had his first brush with death in 1938 when he was shot in the pulpit while preaching in Kentucky.

Later, in 1946, he was stabbed in a Tennessee church.

In the ’50s, Lindsey’s life was again threatened by a gang who beheaded his songleader as a warning!

After completing his theological studies, Lindsey was tutored in the Torah and Jewish culture by one of his converts to Christ, Rabbi Ziegler. The professor became Lindsey’s associate for 15 years.

As a respected Bible conference speaker and author of numerous books, Hubert Lindsey has brought the message of a living Savior and Christian holiness to men and women of every walk of life. A renowned memory expert, “The Walking Bible” has been quoting the New Testament and two-thirds of the Old Testament for 60 years!

Today he pastors a church in Birmingham, Michigan (no longer) and is president of Hebron Press, and publishing house dedicated to the timeless message of Christian perfection and republishing Holiness classics.

Dr. Lindsey, A.K.A. “RED LINDSEY” A.K.A. “Holy Hubert” was born on May 21, 1914, in Georgia. His family, a prominent family with a Baptist background, later settled in Birmingham, Alabama. This is where it all started for him.

At the age of thirteen years old, Hubert won the most freckled face boy contest in Birmingham. It was from this point that he had his debut in the movie industry. He was rewarded with a contract with Hal Roach studios in California. Hal Roach was the producer of the famous children’s show, “The Little Rascals” and later “OUR GANG” comedies. Hubert was one of the original Little Rascals; playing the original cast of the Alfalfas.

The original name for the character Alfalfa was “Freckles”. Hubert participated in the silent movie era, then went on to produce two of the sound series. One of these series was duly noted by The Pie Eating Contest of the which, Hubert said that he enjoyed most! (this has not been confirmed to be true as of March 2001…M.S. Metzger)

It was from this point that Hubert’s mother, a strict but Godly woman, started interceding for Hubert’s soul: that he might come to the Saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

He tells in His testimony of how, at the age of 15, he came home one day and as his mom was talking to God downstairs, God was talking to him upstairs. He goes on to say that the Lord was showing him how lost he was, his sin, though minimal at 15, had found him out it was at that point that he knew that he needed a savior. He there and then called out for Jesus to save his wretched soul.

Hubert was always an awkward and backwards lad who could never remember a thing. Feeling the Lord’s calling to preach on him at 15; He knew that he must retain knowledge in order to remember the Word of God; for the sake of his preaching.

He prayed and asked the Lord to give him a better memory to remedy the situation. The Lord answered him in an unsuspected way. God gave Hubert a memory course. The Lord revealed to Hubert something in which the scientists would find out for themselves later in life and confirm to the world.

The Lord revealed to Hubert to write everything down in three distinct colors: red, green, and blue.

Scientists would later discover that there are four major color cones in the human eye that help to stimulate the memory system of the human brain. Of course God already knew this!

As a result Hubert, wrote down the Holy Scriptures in red, green, and blue; 5 times in each color, and quoted it 5 times for each color. By this he memorized the New Testament of the Holy Scriptures in six months.

Hubert adds that he was so forgetful that his mother would send him to the store for baking powder; he’d quote powder all the way to the store and bring back soda. “Hee hee hee, excuse me I’m gettin’ blessed!!!” One of Hubert’s great expletives.

Brother Lindsey declared: “In the thirties, I was shot in the pulpit. In the forties, I was knifed by a gang of drunks in a church in Tennessee, In the fifties they cut my song leaders head off and threw it in a ditch; put a note on the pulpit that read; Your Next!”

Hubert was a God fearing man with one important message in each generation that he preached to; “Christ and Him crucified!” He never compromised with sin and sought that all men might know Christ through faithfulness to preach the gospel.

Hubert had many experiences worth noting; and yet the volumes of his life and ministry would be so vast that the world could not contain them.

After receiving his call to preach, his father ran him off from home and said, “We won’t have a preacher in this house.”

So off Hubert went at the age of fifteen, working in the logging camps of Louisiana; then to the coal mines of Kentucky, where he was to save his money to attend the Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. He graduated; received his masters and taught Greek there for a while.

During his early years of ministry he was privileged to build and establish 11 Baptist churches.

He preached also withsome of America’s greatest Gypsy Smith Jr., Bob Jones Sr., Mordecai Ham, Dr. Donald Barnehouse, Billy Sunday and many more. One of his greatest opportunities was the privilege of winning to Christ, a leading professor of the Hebrew Theological Seminary; named Rabbi Zeigler.

He accomplished this by debate of the Old Testament scriptures in Genesis 49:10. “The scepter shall not depart Judah, nor a lawgiver between his feet until Shiloh come, and unto to Him shall the gathering of the people be,” proving that in all of their captivities to other nations.

The Hebrews were always allowed to practice their laws from Moses, including that of capital punishment, until Rome’s oppressive rule. He continued to say that Annas the High Priest of Israel cried out “Behold, the scepter has departed from Judah and Messiah has not come.”

It was at that time that Jesus was twelve years of age; and found teaching in the temple. Brother Zeigler. in turn went home and led his wife to Christ. They in turn sold all that they had, and traveled with Brother Hubert for 15 and a half years, tutoring him in Judaism.

The realization was given that the earthly ministry of Jesus was strictly to the nation of Israel. And that His teachings were the purest form of God’s Law given to Moses, and since all have sinned and have fallen short of God’s Law; Jesus Messiah must become the perfect sacrifice for atonement for not only Israel’s sin, but also the sins of the whole world.

Now establishing the NEW COVENANT OF GRACE, not of man’s human efforts. But the free gift of salvation and the gift of righteousness; not achieved but freely received through the Eternal work of Messiah dying on the Cross for us to purchase us to become the Sons of God to all those who believe and trust on His name that they might receive the gift of eternal life.

This did not take place until the time of Jesus’ Crucifixion, so up until this time Jesus only taught the Law and not Grace, to the Jew and not to the church.

This revelation shed new light on Dr. Lindsey concerning the earthly ministry of Christ, to the Nation of Israel; compared to His heavenly ministry to His Body, THE CHURCH.

In the 1960’s Brother Lindsey was called of God to dissolve his staff of over seventy-two men, and to lead one of the greatest spiritual awakenings of the 20th century, “The Jesus Movement” Brother Hubert was sent of the Lord to the most riotous campus on the North American Continent,”BERKELEY.”

Hubert went to Berkeley not known, no backing of the religious community, not financed by a Christian group: just called of God. For three and a half years Hubert stood eight solid hours out of each day preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to the socialist, communist, Buddhist, Hindist, Marxist, Blasphemist, Atheist, anarchist,ugliest group of radicals you’ve ever seen. And just about any other “ist” for that matter.

Preaching as an apostle or the prophets of old Brother Lindsey faced the mob crowds every day ready to give an answer to every man of the hope that lay within him.

Standing face to face with people like Jerry Rueben, Eldrige Cleaver, Hell’s Angels, Black Panthers, the S.D.S., the Manson family, hippies, prostitutes, and the like; preaching Jesus to one and all.

In ’65 no one stood with Hubert when he first arrived at Berkeley. He was beat up over 150 times in the first year for preaching Jesus outdoors on the campus.

One Black Panther stood over Hubert beating him with blood running out of his eyes, blood running out of his nose with a broken nose, blood running out of his mouth with a broken jaw.

One man stood by and cried out,”stop man you’re killing him, you’re killing him.” The man beating him said in reply, “I’m going to kill the Blankety blank!” Hubert spoke through that broken jaw before he passed out and said, “I’ll Love you till the end!”

Next week another black man went to hit Brother Lindsey, and that same Black Panther wheeled the first man around and said, “Hey man you see me? Do you see the color of my skin? I’m a soul brother like you, but if you lay one hand on preacher Hubert, you’re gonna lose your teeth, and I’m gonna be the one to do it.” That Black Panther later got gloriously saved under Hubert’s ministry.

Hubert, “Holy Hubert” as the hippies called him, was notorious for running into a demonstration of thousands and taking away their microphone system, and preaching to the radicals.

Things like, “Do you want a Revolution? I said do you want a revolution? I can’t hear you radicals do you want a revolution?”, by this time he would have all the hippies and socialist listening and would go on to say, “…You don’t need a revolution on the outside, NO!!!, You need one on the inside, and the greatest revolution you will ever have is when Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God comes into your hearts.”

The Dr. Billy Graham once asked Brother Lindsey, “Dr. Lindsey, what is the greatest demonstration that you have ever broken up?”

Dr. Lindsey replied, ” 35,000″

Billy Graham said “One Man!?”

Hubert replied, “Jesus was with me Dr. Graham!”

Billy Graham said, “May I quote you on that?”

Hubert said, “You may.”

There’s are many entries devoted to the ministry of Holy Hubert at a blog compiled by Rick Roehm. Click here to get to it.

(Steve’s note: Again, I can’t verify all that is said in this story until I read his biography, but it certainly is safe to assume that “Holy Hubert” had a powerful ministry. Let that encourage you to be bold. I retrieved this article from this website.


  1. Woah, this is indeed something…

  2. I am deeply touched.
    How wonderfully awesome!
    I want to be “Brave and Bold” like this man.

  3. I remember Holy Hubert Lindsay’s open air preaching on the 2400 block of Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, California about 1966. I was a lad of 15 joining with some in the crowd throwing pennies near the feet of “Hube” in mock tribute. Now I would like to pay tribute to Hubert Lindsay for the glory of the all knowing God who awakened this kid in a big way. I am so glad our Lord used this red faced man born for controversy to reach myself and so many others during that era. It’s well recognized that there was a large scale awakening among youth for the next decade. There were plenty of others involved (does anyone remember Ray Chisholm) but few who matched the fearless preaching of Holy Hube. Thank God for this work.

  4. Amen! That is awesome, Robert. Good to hear about the fruit!

  5. While Holy Hubert Lindsey went off to preach on the streets he left his wife and three children at home with no food, no money, and no help. If it was not for his father I don’t know what my mother would of done. He would preach aginst one thing then come home and do the oppistie. So while your all sitting back and thingking how wonderful this man was I know that he preached to glorify himself and not the Lord.

    • Dear Ma’am,

      I met your father just once. It was during an evening service in the Spring of 1986 at Word of Faith Ministry Church in Lafayette, Louisiana. Your father laid hands on 3 church members that night. Our song leader, Bro. Al Marks who is now a Pastor of his own church, a songstress who was on the stage with Bro. Al that night, Ms. Nanci Tabb Marcentel Leblanc, and me. Until finding this website I did not know anything of the astounding impact that your Dad had on so many lives for Jesus. But he asked if anyone wanted to have hands laid upon them that night and the anointing of the Holy Ghost was so strong that every single soul save Bro. Al, Nanci, and me could not move, the anointing was so awesome and powerful! Each of us laid prostrate slain in the Holy Spirit for over 30 minutes. In the now 29 years that I have been baptized in the Holy Ghost, never have I ever experienced such a powerful anointing that occurred that evening. I am sorry to hear that your Dad, Blessed Holy Hubert is no longer with us, but you and your loved ones will always remain in my heart for your Father’s willingness to share his love of Jesus Christ with those named, and especially me, that blessed evening 25 years ago. May you and yours be forever richly blessed for I truly believe that your Father is in Heaven and would be eternally heartbroken not to have you join him there. In Jesus Holy and Eternal name, may you be forever richly and abundantly blessed.

  6. Many Jews hate Jesus, some of Hubert’s kids hate him….. not much difference!!! I personally witnessed hundreds of Divine Healings of the Lord under Dr. Lindsey’s ministry as I traveled across the country with him. I also witnessed miracles of God’s Divine Judgement on the opposers of this ministry. As I remember conversing with Brother Lindsey in one of these circumstances, I asked, “Brother Hubert, how do you know who God will judge and who He will not.” He replied, “Brother, that is up to God! Our job is to try to win them!”
    Of Every Christian that I have ever met, that was in their time of Trials, there is Truly only one that I have ever witnessed, that never griped, complained, or filed grievance to, or against the Lord….. That was Hubert Lindsey. He knew that following the Lord,. in His Divine Will was the only path that we should follow to keep in the Blessing of the Lord, and to stay in His Peace and Grace. Hubert followed the Lord as a Humble Servant of God, despite his loss of family, cheating wife, critisism from those he loved, his loss of eyesight, (which would have made most people want to quit), his stroke that left him paralytic for many years, abandonment of fellow churchmen…. One thing that I Testify of a Truth: Hubert Never Gave Up on God, or the Salvation Ministry of Jesus Crucified for a Lost World of Sinners. So for those who would oppose him, I say…. Find Jesus!!! Hubert would have wanted that!
    comments welcome at

  7. Claudette…
    Hubert Lindsey took this writer to the Grace of God in 1987 where my heart and life was converted to Christ. Hubert’s preaching impacted my life, retored a marriage, and made me conscious to the presence of Christ. So conscious, I have continued with Christ for 21 years because of Hubert’s witness. My whole life was changed under Hubert’s ministry and now I am helping others to find this same life changing experience in the Christ. I kept in touch with Hubert until his final hours where he died in a nursing home in N.C. I collected his life teaching’s on audio cassette and still use them today in my personal ministry. Hubert impacted my heart and life with the person of Christ…for which I am thankful for today… 06/26/08. I know many people across this nation that were changed by Hubert’s testimony and commitment. Would it be possible to converse with you personally. My E-mail address is
    Hubert T. Lindsey…born May 21 1914
    Hubert T. Lindsey…born in the Spirit….December 22, 1929
    Hubert T. Lindsey…died…March 30, 2003

  8. This is an impressive story; I wish I had known the man. However, I take objection to the statement that Jesus only taught the Law. It is true that He did not teach the grace of God as clearly as Paul and Peter did. Nevertheless, it was in his teaching at least by implication, such as in the statements “you must be born again”, “all who come to me I will certainly not cast out”, and “he who hears my word and believes in him who sent me has eternal life, and shall not come into condemnation, but has passed from death to life.” There are many such statements that Jesus made which by obvious implication is teaching God’s grace.

  9. Thomas,

    The Hubert Lindsey legacy still lives in the hearts of men that recieved the truth about Christ and the Bible that he taught! Hubert sowed the Gospel message and truth of the Bible across this nation for 72 years. If it wouldn’t have been for Brother Lindsey’s firm stance for Bible truth many people wouldn’t be in Christ where they’re at today! They would’ve went back to the world. Hubert persuaded men. Hubert swayed people with evidence and truth…but most of all Hubert operated in demonstration of Spirit and power! I personally am a product of the Gospel that Brother Lindsey preached. Also, I am currently writing a biography about Brother Lindsey, the doctines that he taught, and his life and times in the Lord! At present I have 56 Treatise written (in Word) that agree with and accompany what Brother Lindsey taught. Many people opposed Brother Lindsey and the doctrines he taught. The opposite is true for me.

    In your comments you brought up a very common issue that’s not addressed much in the mainstream today! I’d like to touch on it. Hubert Lindsey addressed why Jesus taught Law and was opposed for it… but that does not make it wrong!

    Hubert spent his whole life teaching why the Law was given to the nation of Israel only. Saint John wrote, “Jesus came to his own and his own recieved him not!” His own was Israel. From the four Gospels Hubert taught about the Kingdom Message to Israel. From Acts-Revelation Hubert taught why the Grace Covenant was given to both the Jew and Gentile through the death of Savior on the cross. The revelation of the truth about the Grace of God is best described in Ephesian Letter Chapters 2-3. The Spirit of God enlightens men to the truth!

    Brother, Do you recall if any promises in the Old Testament being given to Gentiles? Do you recall any of the major or minor Prophets being Gentile? Did God give the Gentiles the Law of Moses on Mount Sinai? Why was the Law of Moses given in the first place? Could a Gentile be a Levitcal Priest? Gentiles were strangers to the covenant of Promise and aliens from the commomwealth of Israel. Gentiles were even considered dogs. Gentiles through history have always been ignorant to the Law of Moses and wouldn’t know a thing about the Law whatsoever even in the days of Christ! Christ had to suffer, die, and raise from the grave so Gentiles could be grafted into the Promise! During Christ’s earthly ministry Gentiles were a law unto themselves. (Romans 2) Besides the Gentiles’ own conscience being a Law unto themselves, Israel’s obedience to the Torah was also a testimony from God to the Gentile world during Christ’s early ministry.

    Remember, the Law of Moses was given to Israel before the Spiritual Body of Christ, the Church came into existence. (Christ purchased the Church with His own blood). Jesus was born under Law. Jesus was circumcised the eighth day. Jesus lived under the Law of Moses. Jesus taught the Law of Moses. Jesus never preached the Kingdom of Heaven to a Gentile. Jesus forbidded the Apostles to preach the Kingdom Message to the Gentiles! Jesus told them, “Go not to the Gentiles”! When Jesus healed the Leper…after the healing took place Jesus told him to do as Moses commanded…which was to offer sacrifice unto God according to Law of Moses. Jesus had to obey the Law of Moses to the letter in order to be a sinless sacrifice unto God.

    The New Testament of Grace began after Christ’s death and resurrection. A testament is not in force until after the death of a testator. In the New Testament the Law ceased from being taught to Israel only. Grace to both Jew and Gentile brought more from God to humanity than the Law could ever offer to Israel only! The reason for this is because of the omnipresence of the Holy Spirit through the Church the body of Christ. The Grace covenant began through the power of a resurrected Lord! Remember, Christ purchased the Church with His own blood. The body of Christ, the Church, or the Grace Covenant that we now live under…did not exist until Christ give His life at Calvary. Therefore it was never taught during the earthly ministry of our Lord.

    The four Gospels teach as Moses commanded. After the death of a Savior the New Testament even defines the teachings of Christ to be the Law of Moses. In the Hebrew letter the Jewish people that the Apostle is addressing (below)were people who followed the teachings of Christ under Law. After Christ’s death on the cross they found Grace and the work of the Holy Spirit. Then, these Jewish believers left Grace and went back under the teachings of Christ under Law. This was apostasy and strictly forbidden! The Apostle warned and admonished this people with the following words! Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on to perfection…

    Heb 5:12-6:1…For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat. For every one that useth milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe. But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil. Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection

    The Apostle clairified Jesus’s teachings under Law to be (principles of the doctrine of Christ). He goes on to say these princples must be left in order to live under Grace. He desribed leaving the teachings of Christ as going on unto perfection. Perfection was the Grace of God in the Church the body of Christ that this writer is glad to testify about. I wish the distinction between Law and Grace was taught more in the mainstream today! If that were so you’d see alot less people falling away from the faith. Why?

    Distinction between Law and Grace is built upon evidence of the Holy Scriptures. Evidence builds faith. Spirtualization from the opinion’s of men builds frustration! There is no spirtualization in making the distinction between Law and Grace. The Bible teaches it! The Law of Moses that Christ taught was a great blessing for Israel…but the Revelation of Church the body of Christ is even a greater blessing for both Jew and Gentile! None of the Apostles taught the teachings of Christ. Why? Christ taught the Law of Moses given to Israel…James, John, Jude, Peter, and Paul taught Grace given to both the Jew and Gentile.

    This stuff is different than mainstream teaching but true and faith building! If you’d like I also have a Gospel Tract on the distinction between Law and Grace that you may like. Let me know.

    Rick Roehm

  10. I remember listening to Holy Herbert in the early 70’s (71 or 72). I thought can this guy be for real. It seems that he has gone the way of a lot of preachers- great on the outside, but leaves alot to be desired with his home life. I was sadden what his daughter said. The gospel is not a one sided coin. If you preach love for mankind and God, then you need to demestrate your love to your family.

  11. Hubert for 3 years told me daily that I was going to hell. On days that I did not make it to Telegraph Ave. He would come by my house in North Oakland and tell me to repent. I am the man with the glasses standing over Hubert left arm in the picture at the top.

    This picture was taken after a meeting of the United Youth Ministries meeting. Kent Philpot of House Ministries, Moishe Rosen of Jews for Jesus, Jack Sparks of Christian World Liberation Front are in the crowd sitting by Hubert.

    This picture is from August or September 1971 if my memory holds. I was running Barachah House in Petaluma at the time of this picture.

  12. To Cliff Silliman or anyone else interested,

    I am writing a biography on the life and times of Holy Hubert Lindsey… the Walking Bible. I see that you made Hubert’s aquaintance in the days (1970) while the Jesus movement was forming. I’m interested in that period of time. I remember it vividly because at that time I lived on the other side of the fence… without Christ. Glory to God because of faithful preachers like Hubert Lindsey I found Christ as Savior and Redeemer in November 1987. In 1988 I was introduced to Brother Lindsey and his ministry for Christ and my whole course of life was impacted and changed.

    Before he died Hubert brought to my attention the fact that the Jesus movement was the Greatest Awakening that took place in the United States after the Azusa Street Revival in the 1900’s. As a personal witness for the Lord Jesus Christ I’m interested in that kind of Revival in 2009! I would be so blessed to communicate with actual eyewitnesses to that awakening for personal edification and for the edification of others through the biography I am writing about Hubert Lindsey.

    Cliff, would it be possible to connect with you for conversation, pictures, videos, data, information, or anything that can be used for the Hubert Lindsey biography? I personally never met Brother Lindsey until the late 80’s where God was using him in ministry at the Church at Birmingham Michigan. At that time Hubert also had a radio broadcast called, “The Churches on trial” which was a live Bible…question and answer broadcast.

    Regarding Brother Lindsey’s evangelistic ministry of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s… Isn’t it amazing how so many people even 25-30 years since the days of Berkeley on 2400 Telegraph and the corner of Haight-Ashbury were touched by the Grace of God that Hubert preached? Their hearts and lives were swayed by the power of God through Hubert Lindsey! The amazing Grace that Hubert preached was scattered all around the country by him and his efforts to preach the Gospel. I was personally touched by the power of God Brother Lindsey preached in 1988.

    I know Brother Lindsey’s Gospel “IMPACTED” peoples hearts and lives like it did mine own. For you Cliff or anyone else who reads this letter please contact Rick Roehm with any pertinent information that can be used in the Hubert Lindsey biography for the edification of others. As we all get older this information is becoming harder and harder to preserve. I think the efforts of Hubert Lindsey and message he preached is very important…even for our younger generation today in 2009.

    In dedication to Brother Lindsey…

    Rev 14:13…Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.

    Rick Roehm

  13. To all who read this blog dedicated to my dear Brother Lindsey. May these words stir your soul…

    Let’s not forget “why” Brother Lindsey preached the way he did. Let’s not forget “who” he preached to; and lets not forget “the doctrines of truth” he left behind with many.

    I once asked Hubert why God gives men knowledge about the Bible and he boldly stated to this writer, “To make better witnesses for Christ”. Hubert left alot of knowledge behind (that’s preserved on audios and in books) before he went to be with Christ. Before he died he also told this writer from the nursing home, “Take the knowledge my brother and scatter it”. What Hubert said that day mean’t alot to this writer…So…that’s why I write in this blog.

    Allow me to dedicate the following to my dear Brother who is among the great cloud of witnesses in Heaven. It’s about Revival.


    • What is revival? Who’s revival for? Where do revivals begin?

    • Revival first begins in the heart of a preacher.

    A revived heart burns, lives, and testifies to the power of God through Christ. Revival is a work of the Holy Spirit in the human soul that helps man to realize who Christ is. Revival is for both sinner and saint alike. By stirring the inner man through preaching, revival helps any man to recognize and obey the presence of an invisible God. A revived heart enables Christ to remove the cloak of secret sin. Revival is an awakening… refreshing…or move of the Holy Ghost that stirs man to have a better consciousness of Christ. Revival is the Spirit’s work that convicts the world of sin and turns men from unrighteousness. Revival offers a better standard of life through the personality of Christ. Revival enlightens the heart of man to the revelation of Christ and His Spiritual body, the Church. Revival fortifies the faith of man through evidence given from the Holy Scriptures. Revival is a living and active move of the Spirit of God… within the human soul. Revival brings honor to Christ through Gospel preaching and the work of the ministry. A revivalist tells the lost world about Christ. Revival brings accountability to those who accept Christ for the forgiveness of sins. Revival shows man who he is in the presence of Christ. Revival ministers to human needs. Revival brings glory to a living Christ in the Throne Room. Revival roots and builds up members of the Body. Revival regenerates, sanctifies, and renews the human soul.

    • Whether in the local church, a jailhouse, or on the campus’s across this nation, “Revival in 2009 is a living active power of the Holy Spirit that manifests through preaching the true Gospel message. Revival touches souls of men and women for Christ and fortifies souls that are already saved”. A true Revival is the will of God commanded by Christ to be preached in all the world. Revival can spread like wildfire.

    Rick Roehm
    January 24, 2009

    Heb 12:22-23…But ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels,To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect

  14. Claudette Lindsey Says:
    I remember Hubert from the early 80’s. I preached with him one time. He came to the store front building church where I was one time to take a nap, then he left. I remember his wife also –

    But who is this claudette lindsey that has posted the following post?

    June 9th, 2008 at 10:44 pm
    While Holy Hubert Lindsey went off to preach on the streets he left his wife and three children at home with no food, no money, and no help. If it was not for his father I don’t know what my mother would of done. He would preach aginst one thing then come home and do the oppistie. So while your all sitting back and thingking how wonderful this man was I know that he preached to glorify himself and not the Lord.

  15. I think I now understand that Claudette is one of Mr. Hubert’s children,
    a daughter?

    I can understand how she could feel the way she does towards her father’s religion. But I hope that she will find it in her heart to realize that her father himself did not willingly abandon her as a child, and it is not her fault that he left her so desperate and alone and in need of his love.

    Mr. Hubert was a wounded soul himself, and apparently not capable of establishing the relationship with his children that he should have.

    He fell prey the Manichean heresy in his doctrinal influence, I remember it well. I can only pray that he found true religion before his death, and that his daughter will as well…

  16. I appreciate your compassion, “Rescued By Mary.”

    What exactly is the Manichean heresy?

    Thanks, Steve (the blog owner)

  17. Steve,

    Just a cursorary review of theology in Church history could help you out here, I think. Try google.

    I remember Hubert’s tapes he had on how to memorize the Bible. I first heard him in the early 80’s in a store front building church and was intrigued by his theology. I listened to him carefully and even spent some time with him on the street as a young man who was searching for truth in the King James Bible.

    I remember Holy Hubert having problems in his replacement theology concerning Israel, and in his interpretation of the Gospels as only being addressed to the Jewish people at that time, and not for the New Testament Church today.

    He had strange ideas about Biblical interpretation that most people didn’t really notice – They were just enamored by his methodology really. If you didn’t take the time to be with him, you wouldn’t learn much about him or what he really believed.

    He was something though, that for sure! A really big heart and a really big smile.

    I’ll never forget that smile…

    Sometimes he seemed troubled about things however, withdrawn and solemn – like the time he showed up at the church unannounced one day to ask for a place to take a nap. I happened to be the only one there at the time and I let him in and waited until he awoke. He left on foot, the same way he arrived, after thanking me for my kind hospitality. I felt as though I had been with someone cut from a different cloth.

    I never forget Holy Hubert, or that brief encounter I had with him those few days.

    I’ll never forget Holy…

  18. Very good.

    Have you contacted the man who is interested in writing a book about Hubert? I think he’d appreciate your remembrances.

  19. I’m always open to hear from people who met Brother Lindsey…not only for the biography…but also just to hear about the facsinating things that happened in his life and his aquaintances with people. Its always edifying and most of all Christ centered. I do admit many unusual things happened around Brother Lindsey’s ministry for Christ.

    One thing I must say is, “Hubert was a people minister”. He cared about people and their need for Christ. He was in it for the cause of Christ. He was in it for salvation of the human soul. Not for money! He didn’t put people in categories or gauge them according to social status or intellect. Anyone that ever met Brother Lindsey knew he was a servant for the Lord…and most of them were touched by the Christ that Hubert preached about!

    Hubert Lindsey’s doctrines seemed uncanny…because they were Bible truth and the religious world finds it difficult to “accept” Bible truth. Some of the most damnable heresies that ever came into existence are “accepted” by the masses…while simple Bible truth still is “rejected”. The religious world gravitates toward things that are “appealing’ to the soul…but many times things that are “appealing” are contrary to to the truth about God; the truth abot Christ; and the truth about God’s Word. If you don’t believe that just turn on the TV!

    Hubert knew that… but he wasn’t a man pleaser and never compromised the truth about God’s Word and His Holiness. On the flip side Hubert could love people even if they ridiculed him or were violent toward him. Hubert had tender compassion that showed and affected people. His respect for people and demeanor toward them was in most cases…highly spoken of.

    I remember one time at a service where Brother Lindsey preached from Ephesians 4 and 1 John 2;14-16 . He was blind at that time but preached the Word boldly from his heart and memory. There were approx. 50-60 people there. After 15 minutes of the sermon I looked around and everybody present was on their knees praying and bowed down before God! The whole audience was melted before God! Hubert being blind did not even see it with his eyes. Wow! I had never witnessed anything like that before or since that night!

    Yes, I was touched by the Christ that Brother Lindsey preached about!

    I also appreciate hearing from people who were affected by Brother Lindsey’s ministry for Christ. I also appreciate this blog.

    God bless all of you and please keep in touch!

    Rick Roehm

    P.S…God bless you too Steve for your time and effort for Christ and people…

  20. You know, When Holy Hubert showed up that day, I was in awe. I had the feeling that I was priviledged to be the one who could help him in some small way.

    It was as if God had allow me to be at the church that day, alone, for no particular reason, just to be able to experience the event. I never thought, at that time, that I would have the opportunity to actually meet Holy Hubert personally in that way; it was huge.

    I mean, this man comes in from out of nowhere, a man that I saw preach at church only one time recently before, with his wife and someone who was helping him because he was blind at the time, totaly unanounced and asked if he could just rest for awhile.

    ((I remember that as he concluded that sermon he couldn’t quite bring it full circle if you know what I mean. He was having trouble tieing his thoughts together because of his age or condition I don’t know, but he believed what he preached. He was there and that was good enough
    man. It was Holy Hubert!))

    Well, I immediatly called people to tell them that HOLY HUBERT himself was in the church – that he just walked up right there in front of my face. I was shocked. They told me – just let him do what he wants, so I did. I was there alone with him while he was sleeping – I didn’t know what to do, I just couldn’t hardly believe it. Here’s Holy Hubert, a man with a reputation as big a pulpit, and I’m called upon to wait for him while he seeps in the nursery of the church. I couldn’t believe that I was the one to get to do it. I mean it was Holy Hubert , man! He was right there and no one knew about it except me. Wow. I was on cloud 9…

    Well, I’ve said enough, I think. I’ll go now… No, just one more thing –

    If ever a man walked in the light that he had received – it was Holy Hubert!


  21. The Walking Bible
    (A biography of “Holy” Hubert Lindsey)
    Started on July 1, 2008


    This biography is about a unique man of God who was known by many as the Walking Bible. He was a holiness preacher who at the age of 15 preached his first sermon only one day after he was saved. He preached five times the day after that, and seven times the day after that. What made this individual so unique was his passion to win men and women to Christ. He had a memory of the Bible that words find it hard to describe. At the age of 15 he memorized the entire New Testament and most of the Old Testament. His dedication to Christ was never taken lightly from the first day of his Salvation. He was an uncompromising believer in Christ and practiced “real” Christian living. He was a preacher that preached truth and holiness his entire life as an evangelist. He had unusual manifestations of the Holy Spirit in Divine Judgment and in Divine Healings. His main objective in life was to get people to Salvation and holiness through the person of Christ that he ministered. For 7 decades he gave “all to Christ” by scattering Biblical Truth across the U.S. He helped multiplied thousands find forgiveness for their sins and Eternal Salvation through the person of Christ he preached. The Gospel was the center of this preacher’s heart, life, and message. His name is Hubert T. Lindsey. He was given the nickname “Holy” Hubert in the 60’s while preaching on a radical campus setting at Berkeley CA. You can go anywhere in this country in 2008 and you’ll meet people who knew Holy Hubert or were touched by his ministry.
    Hubert Lindsey lived up to his nickname, “The Walking Bible”. He was a living Epistle known and read of all men. In God’s eyes Hubert was a servant for the Lord, a preacher of the Gospel, an evangelist for Christ, a minister of Biblical truth, a teacher of teacher’s, and an Apostle of the resurrection of Christ. In 1989 this writer personally asked Brother Lindsey about getting certified, or obtaining a license or a degree and Hubert stated back, “There are two titles spoken of in the Bible that man can obtain in this life; one is the new birth, and the second is to be sanctified holy. Read it in your Bible!” That was it. That was Hubert’s response. Straight from the Bible without opinion and no small talk! That was just one of many reasons why people could call Hubert Lindsey the Walking Bible.
    From a denominational standpoint Hubert was a Baptist in the early part of his ministry. His theology for 35 years was based on the doctrine of once saved always saved. This theology however; was uprooted and changed after 35 years in the ministry. The reason for that conversion was that Hubert went beyond the new birth experience (a strict Baptist fundamental) and found the sanctifying work of the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire like other men experienced on the day of Pentecost. Contrary to the Baptist school of thought Hubert’s experience of Entire Sanctification through the baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire took place decades after his initial salvation. Sanctification through the work of the Holy Spirit revolutionized Hubert’s thinking, his Baptist theology and his future ministry for Christ.
    Hubert’s knowledge of the Bible after the experience of sanctification through the Holy Ghost allowed him to understand there was more than the outer work of speaking in unknown tongues like many Pentecostals believe and practice. Hubert realized there was also an inner work that took place that delivered the believer from a still existing carnal heart that many believers struggle with their entire Christian life. From Hubert’s renewed perspective of Salvation the sanctifying experience of the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire was “full Salvation” for this believer in Christ. The experience of Entire Sanctification is confirmed throughout all the New Testament Epistles. Entire Sanctification became a major focal point in Hubert’s ministry for Christ, his theological teachings, and his preaching of the Gospel. Brother Lindsey did confess however; he witnessed signs, wonders, and miracles wrought by Christ his entire life in the ministry, even in the early years of his ministry before he experienced and understood the Holy Spirit’s work of Entire Sanctification.

    To all readers especially….rescued by Mary an excerpt from Rick Roehm’s biography about Holy Hubert Lindsey the Walking Bible.
    Please send more info…

  22. I have a different memory of Hubert.

    I recall him as an intolerant person who foamed at the mouth on the corner of Bancroft way and Telegraph avenue for hours on end telling people they were going to end up in hell.

    In 1970 it seemed to me that he did not care if I lived or died. He cared about something else.

    There was another Christian there handing out New Testaments who directed me to a place to stay when the only place I had to sleep was my car. I was grateful for that.

    As far as I was concerned Hubert did not care about my needs.

  23. This blog is the first time I’ve heard of “Holy Hubert”. Based on the comments and testimonies given, it doesn’t sound like his teaching and testimony would stand up to proper Hermeneutic interpretation.
    BTW. I am in a church history class currently. We went over Manichaeism. It comes from a man named Mani (215-277) Here are some of the beliefs and history. The teaching originated in Persia. Was characterized by strict hierarchical organization. Held dualistic view of creation. Said apostles corrupted Christ’s teaching, Mani revealed it in pure form. Taught that Christ’s body was illusory. Followers were severely ascetic.

  24. Thanks, Russel.

    I’m not entirely sure that he was a proponent of Manichaeism, only that one commenter said that he was. The best statement of the article was this:

    “Now establishing the NEW COVENANT OF GRACE, not of man’s human efforts, but the free gift of salvation and the gift of righteousness; not achieved, but freely received through the Eternal work of Messiah dying on the Cross for us, to purchase us to become the Sons of God to all those who believe and trust on His name that they might receive the gift of eternal life.”

    We can all agree on that.

  25. Is it possible to hear some of his preachings on mp3 somewhere? I would really like to hear this guy preach!

  26. Russell, Steve, Rene’,

    First of all I’d like to tell Steve you have an excellent Blog. Quite attractive! Especially the ongoing “life” in regards to the Hubert Lindsey legacy. Hubert would be honored and i must say that I am also. Should you ever like to further converse please drop me a line…I have so many questions.

    Secondly, for Russell I’d like to clear the air about Brother Hubert Lindsey. He taught nothing but the Grace of God and the power of the Gospel…according to the Scriptures. Was he a proponent of Manichaeism? Certainly not! Manichaeism is a form of Gnosticism which denies the fact that Christ was a human being…to be the Lamb of God slain from the foundation of the world. Without humanity there was no redemption or forgiveness for our sins. Some Gnostics who denied Christ’s humanity were even guilty of the “sin unto death” which is an unpardonable sin. Manichaeism and Gnosticism? Hubert preached against that stuff…but he loved them with every fiber of his being. He may have been beaten by a few from those groups or movements…but the Spirit of God would have never permitted Hubert Lindsey to participate in such “strange doctrine”. Why? Hubert recognized both the Diety and humanity of our Lord an Saviour, Jesus Christ.

    Rene’…audio’s by Hubert Lindsey are coming on the internet…but I do have them on CD should desire them that way. Hubert wanted that stuff out there. He told me personally, “To scatter it”. Much more will be coming to light as I blaze the trail in the ChristianBlogging world. At present I am building a Blog in dedication to Brother Lindsey. It will feature his audios, his teachings, his Theology, His life, His Church, His minstry, His radio broadcast…which by the way is the name of my Blog. It’s called, “The Churches on trial”…. here’s the address to the Blog…. The Churches on Trial was a radio broadcast that Brother Lindsey aired in Detroit Mi. It was the true Hubert Lindsey that reached the hearts of lost people just like I was at that time in 1988 through an episode of incarceration. GLORY BE TO CHRIST HUBERTS MESSAGE BROUGHT DELIVERANCE THIS WRITER!

    At present I just post my writings… that all coincide and mesh together well with Brother Lindsey’s ministry and doctrinal postition. I am also a recent member of ……that also posts my material. All is done for the glory of Christ. All is done out of dedication to Brother Lindsey whose life and ministry changed and converted my life to Christ.

    Much to be said and much to be done! I love you guys! I appreciate this Blog! I respect it’s worth! Keep the Hubert Lindsey legacy alive! Preach REVIVAL! Revival was the core of Brother Lindsey’s heart an life…that’s why He was the Father of the Jesus Movement in the 60’s and 70’s. The pope of Rome personally told Hubert such and many times Hubert testifies to such on the audios to come. Watch. and listen to for more to come…

    I write these words…with Christian Love…
    Rick Roehm

  27. Steve could you contact me?

    Rick Roehm

  28. Thanks Rick
    Im looking forward for listening to thes vintage sermons!

  29. Rene’ and all interested…Holy Hubert audio is here.

    The first trial run preaching audio of Holy Hubert Lindsey is posted at… on February 28 post. This first post is low quality so please “excuse and be patient” the content is excellent… and there will be better one’s in the future.

    It’s on Roman’s Chapter 7 and how to have a life of victory in Christ.

    I appreciate your patience.

    Rick Roehm

  30. Rene’ and “All” who follow this site.

    You now have a Holy Hubert audio at I made it in effort to scatter His preaching across the world on the Internet. Hubert made it to scatter his revelation of the Gospel across the world…especially in the crowg who claim to believe in the “Full Gospel”. Alot of material about REVIVAL! Alot about Why? How? and Who is revival is for. Spread this Word for Christ! Be a witness for the changing power of Christ! I don’t care if you stone this preacher. I’ll still love you! Hubert loves you too!

    God Bless you all! More Holy Hubert Lindsey audios are coming!

    From the Lord’s servant,
    Rick Roehm

  31. Here’s anothe excerpt for the Hubert Lindsey biography…titled, “The Walking Bible”…it reflects back to the Berkeley Days of the 70’s…

    Hubert Lindsey who adamantly taught sanctification proclaimed the greatest awakenings in history followed where Entire Sanctification was being taught. The Early Church after the death and resurrection of Christ taught Entire Sanctification and Revival broke out there! John Wesley taught Entire Sanctification in the 1600’s and Revival broke out there! During the 1900’s at Azusa Street Entire Sanctification was being taught and Revival broke out there! In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s Hubert Lindsey was teaching Entire Sanctification on the West Coast. Revival broke out there also! That very move of the Spirit of God through Brother Lindsey’s preaching became the birth of the Jesus Movement.
    The Jesus Movement was a move of the Spirit that swept Revival across the West Coast and converted people to Christ by the thousands. These converts were people from every walk of life and not just the Church crowd. They were people that gave their hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins. These converts even began witnessing for Christ and Revival broke out even more! Signs, wonders, and miracles were following! Evidence of a resurrected Christ was being manifested just like in the days of the early Church! People were finding Christ by the thousands! Some of those people who found Christ at that time are still in Christ today in 2008. Their testimonies are posted on the Internet 30 years later. What a great proof that Christ lives and changes the heart of man! What a great testimony for the power of a resurrected Christ being preached in the 70’s!
    The New Testament teaches about an “awakening after the death of Christ” that is recorded in the Acts of the Apostles chapters 2, 3, 4. That awakening showed Revival that broke out in the hearts of preachers of the Gospel, after the resurrection of Christ. The Apostles Peter and John were sanctified Entire through the baptism with the Holy Ghost on the day of Pentecost. Peter and John were moved by the Spirit of God and boldly preached the Gospel after the resurrection of Christ. What beautiful evidence of the work of God in Revival! Brother Lindsey who was moved by the same Holy Ghost in the 60’s and 70’s knew this same kind of Revival! All these great men of God preached the truth about Entire Sanctification.
    The work of God in the Jesus Movement in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s brought peace to rioting crowds of protest on the West Coast during and after the Viet Nam war era. The Jesus Movement spread across the nation to “Explo” which was a major public Christian event in 1972. It took place in a gathering at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, TX. The Jesus Movement brought peace on the Berkeley Campus to radical crowds such as anti-war protestors, the Socialist Party, and the Nazi Party. Remember, drugs like LSD, MDA, Speed, and marijuana was on the rise inside a certain culture of people throughout America. Orgy-sex and sensuality was a major trend and huge Rock and Roll concerts with Psychedelic music were spreading like wildfire. There was a complete culture of people forming within the younger generation on the West Coast and throughout America at that time. Among those people who experienced Revival was the Hippie movement and also those known as the flower children. God extended His hand of love and mercy to that people. The Jesus Movement birthed Revival. Through the Spirit of Christ that Brother Lindsey preached the miracle of the new birth was manifested within the hearts of many during those years. This Jesus Movement and the period of time of time it took place were approximately 65 -70 years after the Azusa Street Revival. Remember, Entire Sanctification was being taught by Brother Lindsey at that time. If Entire Sanctification was taught more today in the mainstream you’d witness more Holy Ghost Revival today!

    Rick Roehm
    Minister at the Upper Room


    Holy Hubert came to my church a few times in the late 70s and early 80s and I guess he impacted me enough to keep him in my mind all these years.

    I made a facebook site for anyone who wants to share and read about Holy Hubert. I hope you will come and share with us. Maybe one day someone will do a movie about him –

  33. Here’s another excerpt from the Hubert Lindsey biography. It deals with the “urge” that the Spirit of God put on Brother Lindsey’s heart in the latter years of his ministry…after leaving Berkeley in the seventies. I once heard Brother Lindsey say he wished he would have taught this stuff in his earlier years in the ministry.

    The fourfold ministry

    In the latter 29 years of ministry Hubert began preaching the importance of the four fold ministry given by Christ from the Throneroom. The four fold ministry deals with the gifts of Christ given to men for the perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry. This four-fold ministry deals with Apostles, Prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. In the Greek text of the Bible …Pastors and teachers are two in one office. Pastors and teachers both tend to the local body (like shepherds) and hold no position of authority.

    • Eph 4:11-13…And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: Till we all come in the unity of the faith,

    Hardly any mainstream denominations advocate Apostleship today. The Apostle Paul however; proved that modern day Apostleship did not cease at the Early by stating he was made an Apostle by the resurrection of Christ. The word Apostle in the Greek is apo stolos which means, “One sent (apo)… from (stolos)”. An Apostle is simply one sent from Christ. The Bible teaches there are two types of Apostles. Firstly, Christ appointed and sent out 12 Apostles during his earthly ministry. Secondly, after His resurrection Christ thus sends men (or gives gifts to men) to carry the Gospel. The second type of Apostle is Christ’s commission from the Throneroom.
    Unlike the 12 apostles that Christ appointed during His earthly ministry, the Apostle Paul was commissioned by a resurrected Christ in the Throneroom. His calling was to carry the Gospel message to the Gentiles. Besides Paul, New Testament records indicate that Apollos, Andronicus, Barnabus, Silvanius, Timothy and others also were Apostles of the resurrection of Christ. From a scriptural standpoint the Divine appointment and office of an Apostle still continues at present and has continued since the death and resurrection of Christ. The Divine appointment and office of an Apostle is scripturally very much in affect at present. The Galatian letter states that Paul was appointed to be an Apostle by a resurrected Christ.

    • Gal 1:1…Paul, an apostle, (not of men, neither by man, but by Jesus Christ, and God the Father, who raised him from the dead;)

    Hubert Lindsey’s Apostleship was granted likewise by a resurrected Christ. Hubert knew Christ sent him to foundate and build up others in Gods Grace through revelation given from the Gospel. Hubert stated one of the worst mistakes he ever made in life was “not teaching this doctrine earlier in his ministry”. After Brother Lindsey recognized what Christ wanted him to do he never held back from teaching the gifts of the fourfold ministry; Apostleship for today; and the importance of New Testament Church Government.
    Brother Lindsey went deeper into this teaching and made audio recordings on Apostles, Elders, Bishops, women in the Church, Church government etc. Hubert recorded and archived these doctrinal teachings because of the need and importance for this type of truth to be taught in the mainstream today. Hubert realized this kind of teaching was necessary and must not be left out today! Its God’s New Testament Church Structure and His Divine order of things that’s necessary to be taught! Hubert’s subjection to Christ and the full truth of New Testament order allowed him to experience and witness signs, wonders and miracles powerfully through the full Gospel he preached. Divine order permitted things to happen! Even though there are many today that do not believe in modern day Apostleship there’s not one single verse in the Bible that can prove otherwise!
    Brother Lindsey ordained men for the work of the ministry by the laying on of hands. One Brother that was ordained by Brother Lindsey was Ron Elliot from Toledo, Ohio. That ordination of Apostleship took place around 1989. Hubert was cautious about who he ordained as the Bible teaches, “To lay hands suddenly on no man”. With all glory and honor to Christ the contents of this book are written as a result of the seal of Brother Lindsey’s Apostleship. Hubert helped this writer to recognize his personal call to the ministry in 1988. The Apostles doctrine and the fruit of Brother Lindsey’s endeavors for Christ will never die in the hearts of those who are enlightened to such teachings. With gladness this writer testifies to have been learned and taught under the seal of Brother Lindsey’s Apostleship.

    • 1 Cor 9:1-2…Am I not an apostle? am I not free? have I not seen Jesus Christ our Lord? are not ye my work in the Lord? If I be not an apostle unto others, yet doubtless I am to you: for the seal of mine apostleship are ye in the Lord.

    May all glory and honor be given to a resurrected Christ who’s alive in the Throneroom in 2008 where He appoints and sets men in various offices for the work of ministry. From the Throneroom Christ calls, sends, and sets men into His Divine order of things. This writer was able to promise Brother Lindsey before he died that he would carry on the doctrine of Hubert’s Apostleship all the days of his life as taught in the Holy Scriptures.

    • 2 Tim 2:2…And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.

    Rick Roehm

  34. Some of you Huber would of had a good laugh about…the Hubert I remember would shout…Scripture and Verse!!! and not out of a heathen bible!!!

  35. Rick Roehm,

    How can I get access to Brother Lindsay’s teachings on women in the church?

    Many thanks for your work.

  36. I have no idea what made me think about Hubert this morning but I Googled “Hubert evangelist” and found this website. Possibly Hubert came into my mind due to a sermon I was listening to on the radio by Alistair Begg, reminding us how it’s the pinnacle of arrogance to hear the word of God and then to harden our hearts to it, putting God on hold until someday when we decide we need him. Yet that is what I did and no doubt thousands of others who passed by Hubert as he preached God’s word at the Bancroft entrance to the Cal campus when I was a student there in the late 60s and early 70s. With a backdrop of chanting, drums and cymbals by the Hari Krishnas, I periodically stopped to listen to Hubert more as a curiosity than to learn something. I only remember his passion for preaching unpopular topics like repentance, hell and damnation which would make any formative mind stop and ponder.

    Hubert’s zeal for preaching Christ in a place that was so hostile to him has witnessed to me for 40 years. I believe Hubert’s example, even more than the fire and brimstone he spoke, sowed one of the first seeds of faith in my heart. It was very slow growing and it took 30 years for me to accept Christ as my savior. But Hubert’s message was so powerful that I have used his ministry and commitment as an illustration in more than one sermon in my church. I hope to know how to obtain any biography that may be written about Hubert.

  37. Gary,

    Your testimony my Brother is a 2009 confession of faith in Christ and has truely edified this writer and I’m sure many readers at Stone the Preacher. Brother Lindsey is named among the great cloud of witnesses that have went on to Heaven before us. His example was given by God and shone through his life as a servant for Christ. That example you spoke of… is monumental and should never be forgotten by anyone that knew him.

    During the days of Telegraph and Bancroft I personally needed a Saviour and fell short of God’s mercy. It was many years later that I to was affected by Brother Lindsey’s endeavors as a preacher for the cause of Christ. God used Brother Lindsey to shine the light of the glorius Gospel into my prison house to deliver me from the dark side of life. That took place in 1988. Brother Lindsey’s example taught me to never go back to the Old life of sin and disobedience to God. His holy example continued twenty years after the Berkeley days of rioting and protesting where he was badly beaten and blinded for the Gospel he preached. His example was Love my Brother…true Christian Love. I shed a tear of joy while reading your testimony. Thank you for sharing such! Try to remember there are many audios and much of Brother Lindsey’s biography posted at the following Blog.

    Rick Roehm
    Heb 12:1… Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses,

  38. Brother Lindsey preached what he practiced and practiced what he preached…

    Hubert Lindsey’s example of holiness spoke through love! Hubert had love that manifested without words. Hubert proved Entire sanctification by his love, by his kindness, and by his compassion for people! Hubert loved Christ above all things but he also cared about people and their need for Christ! He mourned over people before he judged them. He shed tears over men’s forgiveness. Hubert loved sinful men as well as believers in Christ. Hubert loved his parents and spoke of them throughout his whole life in the ministry. Anyone that knew Hubert Lindsey would tell you how he loved and cherished his wife, Phoebe. He called her the best of the best. His love for the Church at Birmingham was almost equivalent to his love for Christ. He had a compassionate love for the sick and for the needy. Hubert’s love was pure and real. His love was able to forgive even those that hurt him. Only Perfect love could define the love Hubert Lindsey had in his heart and his message. That perfect love was the fruit of Entire Sanctification that Brother Lindsey preached for 39 years.

    • 1 John 4:17-18… Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the Day of Judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world.

    Rick Roehm

  39. In the fall of 1968, I was a brand new freshman, walking onto the campus at UC right at the corner of Bancroft and Telegraph. There he was, surrounded by a small crowd. Isaac the Satanist was mocking him. I was from a little resort town in the Sierras and had never seen anything like this. Somehow I got found myself at the front of the gathering. I had never seen anything like this! He was telling us that we were going to hell and other similar things, with energy, humor and anger. Suddenly, he pointed me out. “And you, you don’t know what you’re doing. Do you?” That was it. I was a 18 year old kid suddenly exposed and humiliated in front of a bunch of strangers. I got away and after that, kept my distance.

    But he was right. I didn’t know what I was doing. Three years later, I met Jesus. For the past 38 years have been all over the world, carrying the love and power of God. Unknown to me, Hubert had given me “the word of the Lord.”

  40. Did you know that Christ “sent” Brother Lindsey to Berkeley in the 60’s and 70’s. Would you believe that the Salvation of many lost souls came through the Gospel message that Brother Lindsey preached at that hour? Think about it! Think about these 40 year old testimonies! What is touching is the all powerful Christ behind Holy Hubert! The all powerful Christ that changed the course of humanity (at Berkeley) in those most tubulent times1 GLORY!

    Your testimonies of Christ (posted at Stone the Preacher…this Blog) that come forth…40 years later? Those confessions of faith. Wow! The vivid memories of Brother Lindsey’s endeavors for Christ that witness in 2009. The power behind God’s Grace that I mention in these words… speaks great things…to us the reader!

    These testimonies from you who were called by Christ…and Brother Lindsey’s witness of holiness and unblamableness that speaks “loudly” to men and women across this country! All for the glory of Christ who revives, restores, and delivers the same today in 2009! Even over the Internet! Glory to the Christ behind this ministry and these precious testimonies! Glory to the Christ who saves the soul from Hell’s Fire and Eternal Damnation like Holy Hubert preached! Glory to the Christ who revived Berkeley in the 60’s through the witness of Holy Hubert. Glory to the Christ who revives hearts of men and women today in 2009! Glory to the the Christ who gives this writer a testimony of the living active power that’s contained in the Grace of God, that is… the greatest morality ever given to the human family! Why? Divine Grace keeps the Holy Spirit present in our lives.

    This Grace I speak of is the same Grace revealed to and preached by the Apostle Paul, Brother Lindsey, this writer , and you who preach Christ yourselves today in 2009! Grace and holiness is timeless!

    Titus 2:11-14… For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world; Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ; Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.

    Is Revival in the works like Brother Lindsey had back at Berkeley? Does God have plans for Revival 2009? Or perhaps another Jesus Movement like in the 60’s? Please share your comments and testimonies! GLORY!

    Rick Roehm

  41. Brother hubert came to my church and preached “miricals of judgement” giving testmonys of his life. I have never been the same in my street ministry.I would like to have audio on this subject if you have it. Thanks Dean Roy

  42. Dean,

    I recall many of Brother Lindsey’s testimonies and sermons that included “Miracles from the Throneroom”. I have one particular audio preached by Brother Lindsey that is titled “Miracles from the Throneroom”. It was recorded in Glascow Ky. in the 1980’s. If thats it caontact me and I’ll make arrangements for you to recieve.

    Brother Lindsey’s testimonies often included miracles of Divine Healing and Divine Judgment as well. He witnessed many healings by Christ but also witnessed many Judgments that came from an angry God. Many people have a hard time accepting the truth about Judgment, but the fact of the matter is…God is a God of love, compassion, and Wrath which is cast down upon those who reject that Christ is Saviour and Redeemer.

    Many Holy Hubert audios are available and Miracles from the Throneroom is only one of this great collection. Brother Lindsey wanted these preserved messages of Bible Truth and holiness to be publicized…for the glory of the Christ! Him and I discussed such before he died. I committed to him to carry on this ministry for the edification of others.

    Contact me and I’ll make the arrangements.

    For the glory of Christ I serve,
    Rick Roehm

  43. In the late 60’s and early 70’s…on the corner of 2400 block of Telegraph, Holy Hubert Lindsey preached Christ and humorously said, “Bless your dirty hearts”… Hearts and lives were changed because of the Christ behind Holy Hubert! I’ve heard your testimonies here on this Blog 40 years later! Lives were impacted enough that we still hear testimonies for Christ from people 40 years back. Amazing! Then we had Holy Hubert preaching Christ and telling people about Hell’s Fire and Eternal Damnation. The message was Christ..the messenger was Holy Hubert!

    We had the Jesus Movement, Woodstock, the Monterey Pop Festival, the Hippies, and Flower Children. We had a culture of society that God sent Brother Lindsey to preach to. After obeying God Holy Hubert preached Christ and with seriousness, humorously would say, “Bless your dirty hearts”. Why? Could it have been because of sensuality and dirty living? Yes. Is that why Holy Hubert said, “Bless your dirty heart’s”. Yes. Was the Devil having a field day on the West Coast? Yes.

    Did you ever think God sent Holy Hubert to Berkeley to save the souls of certain people who read this Blog in 2009? The reason hearts and lives were impacted by the Gospel Brother Lindsey preached is because God knew your lost condition and wanted to save your soul from the fiery pit! Remember Holy Huberts Hell’s Fire messag? Holy Huberts message of salvation of the soul is timeless. Those messages still minister today! If your right with God…Glory! If need Christ may the Lord Bless your dirty heart…or repent from your sin and trust Christ for forgiveness.

    I write these words because I to was impacted by Holy Hubert but it wasn’t at Berkeley in the 70’s. It was in Detroit MI in the late 80’s where Holy Hubert started a Church in Birmingham Mi and a radio broadcast called, “The Churches on Trial”. He preached Christ for 72 years. He covered the US. He gave all for people like you and I. Christ was the center of Holy Hubert’s heart and life. Today in 2009 I continue publishing Holy Hubert’s ministry, and radio broadcast on the Internet. I continue publicizing that ministry because t impacts hearts and lives with Christ who’s alive! I speak of Christ who changes hearts and lives today in 2009. I speak of the Grace of God that brings Salvation! The Bible calls this, “Great Grace”. Grace saves!

    Your testimonies are “Rich”. I thank God for you all! I thank God for this Blog by Steve Sanchez. Thank you Steve!

    If your saved…Glory! If your not saved…bless your dirty heart!

    Rick Roehm

  44. When I lived in Berkeley, from about 1966 to 1971, Holy Hubert was my next-door neighbor. I lived at 2208 Roosevelt Street in a place we called Doomsday House.

    For a couple years Hurbert lived upstairs in the rear of the next house to the north. His wife was mentaly unstable at the time — but probably no worse than the rest of us. There were times she would look in the mail box and then spit in it.

    A Doomsday’er named Kalagi named his dog Hurbert in honor of The Reverend Hubetrt T.Lindsey. I felt sorry for Hubert’s wife. Life was not always peaceful in their apartment.

    The last time I heard of Hubert somebody told me he was preaching on the lawn at CSU Chico, about 1981 or 82. By the time I got out there he was gone. He never did save my soul but he never gave up trying.

  45. How does God draw men to Him? Through preachers like Hubert Lindsey. I still meet people today who were converted under Brother Lindsey’s ministry 35 years ago. God spoke to those hearts through Hubert Lindsey’s preaching. If it wouldn’t have been for Brother Lindsey’s holy boldness some of you might not have been saved.

    Come on…

    Rick Roehm

  46. The real life ministry and present tense work of the Holy Spirit…through Gospel preaching about the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ

    1. Conviction by the Spirit upon a sinner…that hears about Calvary
    2. Regeneration to a sinner’s heart when forgiveness is found from Calvary in the “new birth”…
    3. A witness of the Spirit “testifies” Calvary to the heart of a believer
    4. Crucifixion of self is “revealed” to the believer by the ongoing Spirit’s witness of Calvary
    5. Sanctification through the Spirit destroys the “Old Adam” that still exists in the life of a believer…through the cleansing power of the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire
    6. Communion in the Spirit…a bond between fellow brethren in Christ and the living Christ in the Throneroom

    Are you grieving the Holy Spirit’s presence? Or…Are you minding the Spirit. God knows…

    Gal 3:2…Received ye the Spirit by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith?

    Rick Roehm

  47. After reading the comment from Rescued by Mary and looking it up, I can say that Hubert did NOT follow the heresy of Manicheism as she states. The doctrine of Mani is defined as follows:

    Basic to the religion’s doctrine was the conflicting dualism between the realm of God, represented by light and by spiritual enlightenment, and the realm of Satan, symbolized by darkness and by the world of material things. To account for the existence of evil in a world created by God, Mani posited a primal struggle in which the forces of Satan separated from God; humanity, composed of matter, that which belongs to Satan, but infused with a modicum of godly light, was a product of this struggle, and was a paradigm of the eternal war between the forces of light and those of darkness. Christ, the ideal, light-clad soul, could redeem for each person that portion of light God had allotted. Light and dark were seen to be commingled in our present age as good and evil, but in the last days each would return to its proper, separate realm, as they were in the beginning. The Christian notion of the Fall and of personal sin was repugnant to the Manichees; they felt that the soul suffered not from a weak and corrupt will but from contact with matter. Evil was a physical, not a moral, thing; a person’s misfortunes were miseries, not sins.


    Hubert believed strongly in the Biblical concept of the fall and personal sin as can be seen by listening to many of his sermons Rick Roehm has published on his own blogsite.

    As to his personal failings as a father or husband, I can’t say I’m surprised to hear it. For whatever reason many of the men in the church seem to find it difficult to place what they teach within their own homes. I sent Rick an email about this only recently. His response was that Hubert taught much along the old line Baptist thinking that women (and by extension children) are little more than an extension of the husband, and, as such, to be cyphers who submit unquestioningly to any and all treatment by the ‘head of the house’ (Who would really be CHRIST, seeing scripture says He is the head of the male). At least, that’s what I understood his reply to say.

    Since there is nothing a woman or child cannot take to God (and is encouraged to do so BOLDLY coming to the throne), the idea that men would need to be handled more carefully than God Himself demands we handle our approach to Him seems extreme to anyone who stops to think the matter over.

    This attitude is bringing reproach on the church as people have begun to question it–and rightfully so. It is not enough to simply say to people to be in submission to one another as the Bible says until we know what the Bible actually DOES say their responsibilities are in such matters. To assume we already do and proceed as if our expectations on things we have not studied for ourselves are right is to be in danger of becoming like the Pharisees, who bound burdens on the backs of others which they would not move with their little fingers.

    What right do we have to say such things to anyone when we will not bend our own little pinky to study to see what examples the Bible gives and why? Paul’s choice of an example for ‘female submission’ is one we would do well to note: Sarah. And Sarah once laughed at Abraham’s guest (many scholars believe that guest was the Lord) and was not punished for it (she was questioned).

    She also TOLD Abraham what to do in the matter of Hagar and Ishmael. When Abraham didn’t like it and went to God to complain, God told Abraham to do what she said. So here we have God Himself sanctioning a godly woman telling her husband what to do! As Paul was christ’s chosen apostle to the Gentiles, those who believe in his calling must also believe he was led of the Lord in the things he wrote to the church, down to the examples he chose to use, such as Sarah.

    Much of scripture is assumed by us to mean one thing when its true meaning comes to light as exactly the opposite upon any depth of examination. The subject of female submission is only one such example of this.

    Hubert’s own acceptance of the belief of an American religious institution over the Bible only goes to show that even the best of us are not above needing to examine the things we assume to be truth. Hubert started out as a Baptist and founded 11 churches for them in his early years. Billy Graham came to Christ under the ministry of Hubert’s co-evangelist.

    And just as we see Peter up on a rooftop in Joppa arguing against the reception of any unclean food, and having to be told three times by God “Call not unclean that which God has cleansed” so that God could prepare Peter to accept His call to the gentiles to come in, so we see that early religious influences die hard.

    I often wonder if even the best of us isn’t only barely awake to how deeply they influence us. Looking down on us now, I’m sure Hubert would agree.

  48. After reading brother Howard’s comment, I am disturbed and disgusted. I don’t know what he bases his allegation that Hubert’s wife cheated on him on. Hubert surely never said so.

    When he came through here in the 80’s she was with him and suffering from brain damage. He said this happened to her because she was beaten up on account of her testimony for Christ, and that he had been praying for her and she was getting better.

    Howard, I don’t know if you make that accusation because of his daughter’s comment or what, but I do not think it is true, and you should be ashamed for saying something like that about someone who suffered more for her own testimony than you likely ever have or will.

    Slander is the enemy’s territory not the believer’s.

  49. If Hubert was alive, I wonder if he would be partial to going to the 2400 block of Telegraph easter morning?

  50. In 1971 as new Christians we heard Holy Hubert preach at Redeemer Temple in Denver, Colorado. He quoted almost all of Romans to us by memory and became so blessed he could hardly continue. He told of his beatings and how God had filled his heart with love for those who afflicted him and how he forgave them. I distinctly remember that he didn’t have but a few teeth because they had all been knocked out.

    Who care’s what his daughter said. Jesus said that following Him would cost us our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and our children. Holy Hubert received exactly what Jesus had promised. If you watch the videos of him preaching and being mocked he continually wiped his face. I remember that he told us that when the Holy Spirit was upon him he sweated profusely. You might see a man being mocked and critisized. I see a man obedient to the great commission experiencing the joy of the lord. There is no question in my mind that when brother Hubert went to be with Jesus that he was welcomed – “Well done, good and faithful servant.” What will the Master say to you?

  51. Yes Lee, Brother Howard spoke truly about a cheating first wife Hubert had. This news ended his work in Birmingham Michigan, Satan had a time with this embarassing revelation that should of been spoke of and let grace saved all involved. He talked some about a wife in an automobile accident, perhaps she had died later who knows.

  52. One thing I always noticed about Holy Hubert Lindsey. He was always “happy”. Maybe we should nickname him…”Happy Hubert”.

  53. I’m so thankful to have found this site. Holy Hubert was a great blessing to me in my youth. I had heard allot about him before he came to our church to fill in while the church I attended was in transition. He was with us for about a month or two at the most. The name of the ministry was World Ministry Outreach with it’s headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. WMO for short. It was a ministry that reached out to the young drug addicts and people of all walks of life.
    What I can say of Holy Hubert, was that he loved his wife. If my memory serves me right, Her name was Pheobe. He said that they both had suffered great beatings, while preaching in California. In fact another one of his many nicknames was “the ugliest preacher in the world”, because he got his face busted up so many times. I understood that sis Pheobe was never the same after her beating. And to me it seemed that he carried some guilt or at least the weight of it boar heavily on his heart and mind. But he had her with him, and was Loving and protective of her. Too many times people throw out the baby with the bath water. and chillrens’ hearts are very tender and often tend to exaggerate events when young. I’m a missionary, and have heard my boys describing situations to a family member that was way destorted. I understand how my son could have gotten certain impressions. But his description of the events were totally onesided and could give the wrong impression. I don’t deny the human weaknesses and tendancies of any man, or that Brother Hubert may have had. God only knows the pressure and hardships his family may have had to face. But many of the choicest vessles of God have had the greatest crosses to carry. And we’ve certainly made our share of blunders too. We ought to learn from our mistakes but not dwell on them, that would lead to negativity and is unprofitable. however, let him that glorieth glory in the Lord. Thank God for the many witnesses, of those whose lives have been changed because of meeting Jesus through this pequliar vessle. But I believe the man’s heart was in doing the will of God and reaching the lost for Christ. What an inspiration he was to me! There’s is no reason to throw the man under the buss.
    Hubert was a very compassionate man. I witnessed personally how he ministered the word of God to a transvestite. This man just came into the building, tired of his life, looking for answers and desperate for a change when he heard a voice speaking to him to enter this house. I’ll never forget his transformation after Hubert dealt with him and we all joined him in prayer. for him to receive Jesus Christ as his Saviour.
    I recently had a question come to me, do you know if Bro Hubert and Arthor Blesset ever crossed paths. Cause it seems they were both in Cal Campus at the same time more or less.
    Holy Hubert also gave me some good counsel as to how to handle a situation I was facing in my high school. I went to Dillard for three years, where i was able to evangelize, without any opposition. but when I transferred to Coconut Creek High, I faced allot of opposition from one teacher. and I was scared and did not know what to do. At the fridaynight service I asked Holy Hubert what to do, and on Monday morning I was ready to face the one who had so terribly humiliated and threated me. Hubert’s words gave me the confidence and boldness I was sorely lacking. After facing my teacher with respect, but boldly, I never had another problem with him again. infact I gained his respect and that of the whole class before that year was out. I pray that teacher found Christ.

    • Wow, I also knew Brother Hubert from the church in Fort Lauderdale on Davie Blvd. Charles Bledsoe was the Pastor, but hi son Barry seemed to be running it when I was there. Barry played the saxophone. I am Fran Simac and I was doing a ministry to the Juvenile Detention center at that time with David Littlejohn. We asked Hubert to come and he did. The children were very blessed to have him. Kind of funny thing is that we had to keep pointing him in the right direction. I remember him telling us to write the scriptures in 3 colors 3 times or something like that. I actually can quote almost any scripture. The best thing I remember him teaching me is that the Holy Spirit came to convince or convict the world of sin. Later in life, I found myself preaching extremely hard messages in different areas where sin had a stronghold. Later, some of those areas appear to have become more family oriented. I know this was a result of my preaching. I said that because the Holy Spirit bears witness. I am extremely interested in meeting people who were preaching in Fort Lauderdale back in the days Hubert was there.

      I also went to Dillard High for 3 years! Small world please contact me at Thanks,

  54. There is a playlist of Holy Hubert preaching videos on my youtube channel. He was preaching at Bowling Green University.

  55. Hi, Thanks for including this. I was encountered by Jesus in Hubert at a FGBMFI conference in Turlock, CA in the early 1970’s. Hubert was what we call today in some streams a “revivalist.” Essentially, when Hubert shared his heart Holy Spirit showed up and changed the very atmosphere. When I heard him speak — as he would begin to speak after each statement he would say quietly but clearly, “come on” and after about the 10th time the “atmosphere” would change as would his countenance. Face flushed red, freckles evident he would speak powerfully of man’s need for Jesus. And Jesus’ love for man. He would speak to the audience (mostly businessmen) about what God was doing in the colleges and of his ministry in Berkeley. “I would go to the hospital after a beating just to find out what was broken, go home and be healed of the injuries.” I also recall him saying while at Berkeley he started a home for the homeless.

    I can easily accept him as being a key catalyst for the Jesus movement.
    He definitely planted seeds of revival in my heart.

  56. For all Clif and all Californian readers and readers around the globe who knew and have read about Holy Hubert and his ministry. I have included a link to many of his teachings that are readily available for listening and personal Bible study.

    Rick Roehm

  57. Holy hubert died in 2003. His ministry still lives via Internet, Google, , and facebook at the following link.

    God Bless you all California and Washington who keep the testimonies coming.

    My E-mail is …

    if anyone cares to communcate. The Gospel opens the generators of Heaven in the hearts of men.

    God Bless

  58. Check out all of Holy Hubert’s timeless preaching on the Internet…gives us some feedback. Also Holy Hubert had a radio broadcast that is now being published on Youtube at HubertLindsey’s Channel at the following link…

    All for the glory of Jesus!

    Rick Roehm

  59. Was honored to know brother Hubert Lindsey while living at the World Ministry Outreach house in Ft. Lauderdale Florida in the early 70’s. Also heard Hubert preach on the Mercer Univ. campus in Macon Georgia. Was with Hubert in Detroit not long before the Lord took him home and still words of life and love coming from his mouth in glory to God. Thank you for sharing in testimony to the works of God in this chosen vessel of honor.

  60. Holy Hubert came to preach at Klondike days in Edmonton Alberta Canada in the 1970s.
    I believe he was brought in by Eugene Opheim of Teen Challenge.

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