(Not so Famous) Lost Words: ATHEIST Doogie Talons


(Doogie Talons, an obvious pseudonym–atheists don’t want you to know who they are–posted this comment on the article below, “NBC Blasphemy Challenge Report”. I think he is very clear and articulate in what he believes, or doesn’t believe as the case would be. Read it and let me know your thoughts. If you are a Christian, post your full name and stand up for what you believe. Atheists, are you ready to do the same? Remember, keep it clean or I’ll erase your comments.)

Here are Doogie’s comments verbatim:

What price did Christ pay exactly ? from all accounts he had a good 33 years then 2 bad days.

People have suffered worse and for longer since and have died “In Sin” People have been buried in the rubble of a destroyed building dieing slowly of starvation and dehydration, worrying about thier families and friends.

I give this to you. Jesus suffered very little in comparision to the multitude of horrible ways man has died since, and hence saved us from nothing.

Not only did he not suffer he WAS/IS always will be GOD the Son and will never be in hell.

If Jesus suffered for our sins surley he should be in hellfire burnng for all eternity in our name ? But no he’s up in heaven and by all christian accounts this is a nice place to be.

So to sum up

Eternity in heaven
Make the world
See man screw it up
Send a part of himself down there to sort it out
33 Years on earth
2 horrible days
2006 Years back in heaven.

A completly failed mission in all respects. We are now left with Meth taking evangelicals and child bothering priests its a joke and the laughs on Jesus.

I can think of a whole lot worse ways to die than a good beating, flaying and crucifiction and the Christians were hand drawing and quartering Pagans all through the dark ages.

I deny Jesus Christ and The Father and the Spirit of God.

God does not exist and the bible is a bronze age myth.

Good Day.


  1. Paul comments on this in 1 Corinthians 1:18-25.

    And did Christ suffer more or less than those buried by an earthquake? Not having died by either crucifixion or earthquake, I’m at a loss for direct evidence. That said, the Scriptures also note that our sins were all upon Him at that point–dying of a paper cut with this load would be more horrible than any other death died, I’d say.

    Finally, for what it’s worth, most of the Scriptures were put to parchment in the Iron Age. Perhaps a subscription to “Biblical Archeology Review” would be in order for your correspondent?

  2. How could our sins be upon him when we can still sin, Jesus dieing for our sins is a paradox, as we still have sin and can still sin and still will be punished for our sins.

    Before Jesus arrived we could still seek absolution in the eyes of God, and after Jesus we have to seek it with him.. who is god ?!. It really doesn’t hold water. he died for nothing as we still have the status quo before him.

    This is just one of many paradoxes in the bible. I read a creationist website which clearly lied about how we all came from one man and one woman.

    It claimed that Cain married a Descendant of Adam and Eve when he went to the land of Nod this land had a city and he married. the creationsit site which claims Genisis is the absolute word and the truth of creation made the claim that Adam and Eve had many children and they had all grown up and made cities before Cain left for Nod.

    Yet the Bible is clear that Seth is the third child and he came after Cain married, it’s not even worth arguing about as the very proof, is false. But if the Proof is correct then the story is still wrong. It’s a paradox. there is no god get over it and enjoy your life stop worshipping someone who isn’t there and simply make the world better for the people that are, accept there is no after life just eternal peace.

    Bad people still exist punish them now for there is no god to do it for you. Reward good people now so they might live happy carfree lives as there is no god to reward them when they die. Stop buying in to this daft, irrisponisble idea of religion and make of your lives what you.

    Yes the scriptures were put into parchment in the iron age but the myth is bronze age of Mithras, thanks for that. Jesus is a combination of many preceding myths seeking some sort of synergy with the then popular culture.

    Robert, you cannot quote DIRECT EVIDENCE against my thoughts, they are afterall just musings. however I would like your DIRECT EVIDENCE of god.. and don’t say BIBLE or CREATION. The bible cannot be proof of god simply just because it says it is. I could write any book and say “THIS IS TRUE” that doesn’t make it true.

  3. “Doogie,” we know everything by faith, including the very nose on your face. So how would you claim that a single word you say is true? It is not for no reason that Descartes was reduced to “cogito ergo sum.”

    And when the Word says “our sins were upon Him,” it means just that; that the penalty for our Sins was placed on Him. He was punished for us. This very fact precludes the very scenario you cite–were we sinless due to the Cross, the Cross would lose its meaning in our generation, and Steve & I could just go home and stop this.

    But as you note, we still sin, and we still need a savior.

    Regarding the rest, I don’t know whether you will listen to evidence yet, so it really doesn’t serve much of a purpose to debate with you here.

  4. Look let’s not get into a semantic arguement over words. The word faith as in the nose on my face has nothing to do with it’s theocratic meaning of Faith in god.

    I have proof my nose in on my face. I have no proof of god. The reason religous people have to fight a loosing battle so much is they really have no argument against athiest other than the theocratic definition of faith. This definition of faith is why atheist do not belive to then present it as further arguement is ludicrous.

    There is no god pure and simple, never was.

    I use the word sin so we understand one another but there is no “sin”, there is only right and wrong. Religion does not decide what is right or wrong

    Sins are irrelevant the moral argument against bad things is not exclusivly religous. I am moral and do good by people but I do not belive in god nor am I afraid of retriubtion, as there won’t be any.

    If god is ineffible then jesus was not punished he was tortued as it was pre-determind. Judas did not betray he acted out the lords will, the jews were always going to deny the coming of christ just as the christians reject the coming of Mohammed (pbuh).

    Eventually people will awake from the itelectual sleep of religion and realise what a complete waste of time it all was.

    So please pack up your cross go home, love your family and your life and do right by everyone you meet. You do not need a non existant sky daddy to judge you, or MAKE you do good or even need you to do good. Do good and be charitable by your own will, the will of mankind.

    In fact lets face it god if there is one is cruel ineffectual and powerless, we have more power over his creation than him. Lets all do a better job with the world and trust me we don’t need the bible to do it.


  5. Also please forgive my typos, it’s always the same when I write from the heart.


  6. atheist what a silly word.

    “it’s always the same when I write from the heart.”

    There is god in youre heart if you feel

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