(Not so Famous) Lost Words: ATHEIST Doogie Talons


(Doogie Talons, an obvious pseudonym–atheists don’t want you to know who they are–posted this comment on the article below, “NBC Blasphemy Challenge Report”. I think he is very clear and articulate in what he believes, or doesn’t believe as the case would be. Read it and let me know your thoughts. If you are a Christian, post your full name and stand up for what you believe. Atheists, are you ready to do the same? Remember, keep it clean or I’ll erase your comments.)

Here are Doogie’s comments verbatim:

What price did Christ pay exactly ? from all accounts he had a good 33 years then 2 bad days.

People have suffered worse and for longer since and have died “In Sin” People have been buried in the rubble of a destroyed building dieing slowly of starvation and dehydration, worrying about thier families and friends.

I give this to you. Jesus suffered very little in comparision to the multitude of horrible ways man has died since, and hence saved us from nothing.

Not only did he not suffer he WAS/IS always will be GOD the Son and will never be in hell.

If Jesus suffered for our sins surley he should be in hellfire burnng for all eternity in our name ? But no he’s up in heaven and by all christian accounts this is a nice place to be.

So to sum up

Eternity in heaven
Make the world
See man screw it up
Send a part of himself down there to sort it out
33 Years on earth
2 horrible days
2006 Years back in heaven.

A completly failed mission in all respects. We are now left with Meth taking evangelicals and child bothering priests its a joke and the laughs on Jesus.

I can think of a whole lot worse ways to die than a good beating, flaying and crucifiction and the Christians were hand drawing and quartering Pagans all through the dark ages.

I deny Jesus Christ and The Father and the Spirit of God.

God does not exist and the bible is a bronze age myth.

Good Day.


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