Next Week: Evangelism Gone Wrong?


Next Tuesday, I’ll be starting a new series critiquing some evangelistic methods that are not very effective as well as sharing the mistakes I and others have made in our witnessing experiences.  You may agree or disagree; just don’t remain silent.

Below is one example of evangelism gone wrong from our outing last week at the Golden Dragon Parade in Chinatown.  Stay tuned for what happened. Maybe you’ll even want to hazard a guess… (On Monday: the banned Superbowl commercial that wasn’t.)


  1. You mean the anti-abortion ad a year or two ago?

    I always work during the Super Bowl, so I don’t see the commercials that often.

  2. I’m thinking of the commercial explaining… [I edited his answer so that you will be surprised on Monday. Jeff correctly identified the video.] I understand it was not allowed due to the “religious” content.

    Amazing what $1-3 million for 30 seconds CAN’T buy you these days!!!

    On a positive note….just finished building two “Are You Ready” crosses and will be on the streets of Ontario, Canada very shortly.

    Have a great weekend Steve – miss you and the sunny, warm California weather. 🙂

  3. It’s the weekend, so I’ll use this post to wish you a happy Darwin day.

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