Cuss words (mild or abbrev.), blasphemy, incivility,
or failure to give the name ‘God’ or ‘Jesus’ capitals,
will be deleted.

This mostly concerns my atheist friends who visit here. In the past I’ve edited comments that violated these rules, but no more. Please respect these or your comments will not see the light of day. Thank you for your understanding!

(Thanks to Ray Comfort’s blog for these rules of engagement.)


  1. I can dig it, so long as you don’t force it on pronouns.

  2. Very fair, Steve, the internet is a haven for rudeness it seems like, and its your website so its your rules, just as long as you don’t trim fair arguments or valid points I’ll keep coming back.

  3. You didn’t mention the mobile version of the site is up. Maybe because it’s a bit cluttered and doesn’t even show the number of comments on the main list of posts. Not totally finished yet?

  4. lol will you be bringing over all of Ray’s secret rules too?

  5. Well, he already deletes comments about finances, so it wouldn’t be too hard of a transition!

  6. Garrett, I’m working on the mobile site in my spare time. Other then the comments on the main page, do you have any other suggestions? The comment count should be showing now.

    At the bottom of the page, there is a link for the full site, if you prefer that.

  7. Hey, Joe! I got some feedback on the mobile site.

    -The new front page looks great. An alternating color scheme for each post’s title may help keep things separated.
    -I don’t know if the post preview is all that needed: we get maybe a sentence or two tops, which could be used to get in more post titles.
    -Having the most recent comments collapsed at the bottom of the main age would be nice.
    -If you go to the end of a specific article, between the previous post and next page links, you have the tag and comments. Clicking comments does nothing. I am required to click to the next page if I wish to see the comments.
    -Some titles, such as this week’s Atheist Tuesday, have their titles chopped off. This is even when viewing that specific post!

    Hope that helps.

  8. Amen! This is awesome.


  9. Thanks for the suggestions Garrett. See if you like the new page better. It shows a longer preview of the first post, and then just the titles of more posts. It also has the recent comments at the bottom.

    I don’t see the longer titles getting cut off, what phone and browser are you using?

    Clicking on the comments link also takes me to the comments on a short post like this one. On a longer post with mutiple pages like the Atheist Tuesday one, it only goes to page one, not page 2 with the comments. Is that what you’re seeing?

    I’ll have to look into alternating color schemes, but that might take a little while.

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