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This is the easiest place to share your faith. People are friendly and willing to chat about anything; except for the guy in the 2 minute video below. Sometimes things can indeed go wrong….

Meet @ noon @ Hope Chapel to carpool.

Next week: Muslim Festival time!!!

And remember, I’m teaching a 1-Day evangelism class on September 25, and another 6 week class starting on September 30. For details, continue reading….

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  1. I guess God didn’t want him to believe. He can really be so picky at times!

    No big deal, just another false convert destined for Hell.

  2. This may be be helpful to you or confusing. Read this entire chapter.

  3. Steve, I think I might have been offended a little too, but I would have answered your question or asked you back if you did not believe me when I said I was a believer. Although I do not think you did anything that was offensive.

    Just my 2 cents … Mike

  4. Hey Steve, Gal 5:11 — “the offense of the Cross” It’s offensive because it is humbling to understand that grace means that I am unable to be acceptable to God. God provided the perfect sacrifice in Christ. In Him, He is well pleased. Keep offending. Christians, are you not tired of simply holding up your shield of faith in “defense of the gospel”? The gospel does not need to be defended! Lift up that sharp two-edged Sword of the Spirit, God’s Word, and strike! The gates of Hell are unable to stand against the proclamation that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God!

  5. When you asked the lady where she would go heaven or hell, did she say the hospital?

  6. I think he was nervous really, camera’s can do that especially if he didn’t know what was going on. The guy seemed a little on the anti-social side, and probably felt more uncomfortable than insulted. That or he had heard this speech before. Catholic priests tend to vary their readings frequently when teaching the people about God, I’ve seen your videos Steve and they’re pretty much the same thing over and over again, or mimics of Ray Comfort’s speeches, there are other moral codes in the bible, Leviticus springs to mind, why not ask people if they’re obeying these moral codes instead of the ten commandments? Every human being you’ve probably ever interviewed has probably given you the same response if they’re being honest, and if they’ve obeyed the Ten Commandments fully they’re probably being dishonest. I know you’re trying to point that they’re going to go to hell, for disobeying some of the 10, but why not try other passages from the bible? Variety is the spice of life.

  7. Your right, the guy was nervous on camera and at the same time the anti-social type. Didn’t want to get exposed as a sinner on camera. Can you blame him? LOL! But not everyone is like that, or many don’t care. Sometimes the method or approach can vary with the diversity of people in doing one on one witnessing, but you cannot omit the Law and judgment from the message whether they get offended or not. Jesus said, “many will be offended.” Hey, it’s just part of the job. The lady said she would go to the hospital when she dies, maybe she has a grave there. She too was avoiding her conscience.

  8. haha Richard ! I cracked up at that too – wasn’t sure !

    I try not to judge individuals, but if I start talking to a professing Christian, literally within seconds I can if the person is:

    a. Trying Jesus or Tried Jesus at one point or points
    b. Realized they were a sinner, and in need of a savior, and in a supernatural phenominom, became regenerated, born again – dead to the things of this world and their desires, no longer their will being done but His, and SO grateful for the saving redemptive work of Christ, which is as exciting for the 1 day old new convert as it is for the OG Saint who’s been in Christ for 60 years.

    To quote from Michael Horton in his book “Christless Christianity,” Jesus’ mission was a rescue operation, not a message of self-help. Maybe he was having a very bad day, but he doesn’t seem like someone who was damned for all eternity and rescued !

  9. That was very interesting. First the lady disappeared and then the guy! Wow. Well, the law definitely struck a chord with the last guy. Hopefully his conscience was not only pricked but he doesn’t rest till he gets right with the Lord.

  10. Way to go Pastor Steve! The times that I have ran into people that say they are born-again I tend to not probe like you did here. This was good because it is a reminder that just because someone says they are born-again they may not know what they really means. It just may be something they have heard before and they know enough about Christianity to give you the right answers. This is a lot like my parents who are not saved but they sure know the right things to say. We must pray for these people that God would open blind eyes. God bless!

  11. @Val
    I don’t think it was being exposed as a sinner, sometimes people can be nervous or self conscious on camera, especially if they’re being interviewed by strangers. He seems like a nice guy, and he’s Christian and attends church, more than likely he’s broken a few of the 10 commandments like just about everyone else. You don’t have to ommit the Law, but there’s a lot of things in the Old Testament that are quotable that you can use to ask people about where they’re going, Heaven or Hell. I mean why just use the 10 Commandments? I guess I just want to see a video where Steve doesn’t repeat himself constantly, ask them why they broke the 10 commandments, ask them if they’ve gotten right with Jesus already before calling them Lying, thieving, blaspheming murderers and assuming they haven’t already repented. Just a suggestion.

  12. Muslim Festival Details – wondering Where is it? what is the name of the festival? so far, I can’t find it anywhere online for times and details. Thank You !

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