Mitt Romney’s Confusion


This is not a political article, but a theological one from

Summary of the second presidential debate: Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Neither candidate actually called his opponent a liar, instead, they used politically correct terms like: distorting the truth, not quite accurate, patently false. Each side will have their fact checkers discredit the statements of their opponent, but there is one fact that NOBODY will check. Near the end of the debate, Mitt Romney proclaimed, “I believe we are all children of the same God.”

Cue the crickets.

There is little doubt that conservative Christian voices will attack Pres. Obama’s falsehoods about Planned Parenthood, Libya and drilling, but it is a safe bet that not one evangelical group will even think about pointing out the biggest deception of the night, Mitt Romney’s horrific theology. How do I know? Because Mitt Romney made the same statement at the first debate and not a peep was uttered by evangelical Romney cheerleaders.

To state that we are all children of the same God is bad theology for a Mormon, but for a Christian, that should have been the most troubling statement of the evening. Yet, it will go unchecked, unchallenged and uncorrected because Evangelicals, as a whole, are far more concerned about winning Washington than defending the truth.

Mitt Romney’s heresy was more sinful than anything Barack Obama uttered during the debate. Does this mean that we cannot vote for Mitt Romney? Nope. It means that the majority of evangelicals are more concerned about reclaiming America than they are in contending for the faith given once for all time.

“Reclaim America” Christians may win this political battle, but they will lose the theological war.


  1. Its okay Steve, the evangies will line up in droves to vote out the scary liberal man…. even though he’s Christian, and put your ‘Conservative’ Mormon champion in office…. because politics DOES trump religious belief. Remember that when you’re casting your vote for Romney in a few weeks… or have the courage of your convictions and don’t vote this year because you don’t like either candidate. =)

  2. Romney’s gaffe should have been apparent to any biblically astute Christian! Although this kind of speech is nothing new when it comes to politics, I submit that this country has never had a truly “born again” Christian president in my lifetime and I came into this world in 1945!
    I can’t judge a mans heart but I can inspect his fruit and when a man or woman is truly born again their lips will proclaim His grace and goodness regardless of the political cost!
    Will I vote for Mitt Romney in November? Absolutely! The sanctity of life is first and foremost and if just one of these “little ones” can be spared, then his presidency will have accomplished what the former administration has deliberately failed to do in the last four years!

  3. Tempest in a teapot. All political candidates believe the same thing unless truly born again, of which there are–none. So what is the point? Universalism is a given from the outset, so why pull out one’s hair over it? Had President Obama spoken on the same topic he would have said the same thing–if he believed in a God at all.

  4. You know it’s funny, I read an article recently about how politics had come to dominate the American evangelical community, centered around 4 major issues: Abortion, Gay Marriage, Evolution and Environmentalism. (“Objectivist Conservatism” possibly being a fifth)

    Without the “correct” stance on these four issues, the evangelical community will ostracise you regardless of how devout, how evangelical you are. Think maybe gay people should have equal rights? Not one of us! Swayed by the evidence for climate change? Geddout!

    Meanwhile, people can still be a part of the tribe despite being, well, not-evangelical, so long as they hold the “correct” views on these issues. Romney, Limbaugh, Beck… it’s not hard to find examples.

    The weirdest thing about all this? These stances might well be valid politically, but the Bible really doesn’t say much on the matter. It addresses gay people a few times in the old testament, and addresses abortion directly exactly once, when stating the punishment for hurting a woman such that she loses her child. Meanwhile it (specifically the New Testament) drones on and on about other issues, like the plight of the poor.

    Oh, and for those who don’t agree with the article that evangelical christianity has become a primarily political movement, answer me this: can Fred Clark, a progressive liberal, also be an evangelical christian motivated by his love for Jesus? Or is he a “false convert” because he disagrees with you on those 4 political button issues?

  5. Ugh. Not to stray too far off tppic here, but stop voting for the lesser of two evils. It’s still evil! Take the advice of John Quincy Adams: “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” Even if that means writing someone in. Unless you live in 1 of the 6 states that, for some reason, doesn’t allow you to write someone in.

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