Evangelism Adventures This Week: USC Football and More!

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This is the first USC Game we have been able to attend. If you would like to reach up to 92,000 people with the Gospel, then please join us. We will meet at Hope Chapel to car pool at noon. If you’d like to meet us there, then be at the south side main entrance of USC about 1:15pm.

Now, how do we reach 92,000 at one time? Watch:

Also, we will be at El Camino College every Thursday from 12:30-2pm on the Library Lawn.

And, we meet to go to the Redondo Beach Pier at 4:30pm every Friday at Hope Chapel.

Next week: Venice Beach!

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  1. Love it!!! Nice to see you out there Pastor. It is awesome to see you guys out there. Love the title “corridor of conversion” nice. “I don’t what people say.” Luke 19:10 says it all. I share my faith daily, there is no other way to live period. Went to Jefferson City, Mo. And handed a bunch of tracts. Talked to a lot of folks. Love the video. “Thanx for sharing”

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